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From ArchAngel Michael: More on Karma

A dear reader recently read my first post on karma and asked, "So, what if you feel like you have learned the lesson from your karma, but nothing changes? Does that mean you really didn’t learn what you needed to know, or does it just mean that your karma was such that you can’t “fix” it with just knowing how you affected the other person?"

These are two very deep questions. I felt they deserved more than a quick comment. Let's break this down. Many of you feel like you have indeed learned the lessons yet your situation does not change. I have addressed this in a previous post, "Why We Don't Interfere Sometimes", and am happy to refresh your memory here. We love you and want what is for your highest good. It is not easy to watch suffering but we have a different perspective than you. We know you have lived many lifetimes and we know you did a great deal of soul planning before descending for this lifetime here on earth. In your human form, you are caught up in the present and we are happy about that! You were created to live in the present. It's a good thing but it doesn't allow for you to have our perspective.

If nothing has changed, it does not mean you didn't learn from your circumstances. It only means that it was not meant to change. There are complex reasons for this. It can be totally karma-related and yet you may have chosen in your pre-birth planning sessions (for this lifetime) that, in order for you to carry this lesson forward, you were not going to allow the situation to change here on earth (in this lifetime). I know that feels like eternity for you but I can assure you that your lifetimes here are very short.

I am not making light of your questions. I know you are hurting and want this situation to go away. I believe that you can understand how you have hurt a person but that the energy of the lesson can stay with you for your entire lifetime. I have seen this time and again.

Let's look at someone who murdered someone accidentally. Let's say that the victim's family has forgiven that someone of their wrong-doing. That energy doesn't go away. It has been softened by love but that someone still has to live with the guilt involved. They can either become bitter and angry, allowing the situation to affect every area of their life, or they can also choose to move forward (like the victim's family) and turn the entire situation into something that can eventually benefit others. You have seen this many times when someone volunteers to use their pain to help others to avoid it.

I am aware you are asking about something from a past life that incurred karma. Okay. Let's look at a situation where you, in a past life, killed someone purposely. In this lifetime, you have chosen to not only lose someone to a murder but also to have another loved one become a victim to the crime. They survived but were badly injured. All right. You will learn how a victim's family feels from your loss but it won't replace your loved one. Your handicapped loved one is a constant reminder of what happens when someone goes on a rage. There are many ways to look at this because a) both victims had to agree to this beforehand and they are using the situations to either clear karma for themselves or to learn something and b) you are left without one loved one and caregiving another. That is devastating. Will you learn your lesson from these experiences? It is 100% up to you. Having these experiences is only part of the karma that you incurred. Karma is neither good nor bad. It does not judge. The experiences will be what you make of them. You can either grow and learn through the process or you can shut down, become bitter and stunt yourself in every way. Do you see where I am going here? Your Soul cannot predict with 100% certainty what you will do beforehand because you have the power here in your free will.

That is why, many times, even when you HAVE learned that lesson, it continues. That way, your Soul is assuring the lesson is learned and you can clear it all in this particular lifetime, never to be bothered with this particular lesson again. Thanks be to God, right? There are many lessons to a recurring problem and there are many ways to learn from it. Perhaps you were meant to learn patience in this lifetime as you have not learned it before. Maybe you need to work on self-acceptance. It could even be that your partner is wrapped up in this situation in ways you are unaware of and the situation is helping them to grow as well.

Whatever situation you are carrying, know that a response or a lack of change does not mean your voice has not been heard. You are loved beyond measure. Look for the blessings that may be happening in this recurring situation. They may be hard to see and hard to find but I can assure you that they are there.

I sincerely hope my response has brought clarity to you. I appreciate the thoughtful question.

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