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The Difference Between Ghosts and Deceased Spirit

So many people are fascinated with ghosts! I get it. It's such an unknown and, as human beings, we are always drawn to the curiosity of the unknown.


  • have not passed onward to heaven

  • have not had their Soul Review so they have not learned their soul lessons and progressed forward

  • are still very human-like in their emotions

  • are all about them, your needs do not occur to them

  • feel stuck where they are, they do not understand how to move onward to the afterlife

  • are still in the same place they were when they died (historically), they are unaware of time passing

Deceased Spirit

  • have gone to the Light

  • have experienced their Soul Review and have learned their lessons from their last life

  • although they present as human-like, they have seen the big picture, they are aware of their human experiences and how their actions affected others, they are full of empathy

  • are all about helping YOU to move forward, they are visiting to help you in any way they can

  • easily go back and forth, from the afterlife to here

  • are very aware of time's passing and understand how it is affecting you

Long before I became a Medium, I was seeing ghosts. My first ghost came to me when I was a little girl, before I had even started school. I woke up one Saturday morning, thinking my Mom was standing in my doorway. When I got up later, I asked her why she had changed clothes. She exclaimed that she hadn't. I now understand that what I saw was a ghost lady. She didn't hurt me. She wasn't even aware I saw her.

The next Spirit I saw was our dead dog. He had been hit by a car. Now, Gilbert was not a ghost. He had passed onward to heaven. He was visiting me. He visited me for years just as my deceased adult pets have also checked on me.

How do you know if what you are hearing, seeing or feeling is a ghost or a deceased loved one? Well, if it were a visiting loved one, you wouldn't feel anxious or scared, right? If it were a visiting loved one, you'd probably be thrilled to know how they are doing. (If you weren't, you could tell them to not visit you again because it scares you.)

The first thing I do when I meet a stranger in spirit is ask them to identify themselves. I can assure you, even if it were one of your ancestors that you had never known, they would begin with, "I am your Great Great Great Grandfather on your Mother's side." They would want you to know exactly who they were and your relationship with them. They will also follow that with WHY they are here. They don't waste their time. They are here to help you to move forward with something whether that is closure or learning a new lesson. They always come for a reason. A ghost, on the other hand, would literally answer your query with something like, "My name is Alice." There would be no attachment at all. They were physically wondering by and you heard or saw them. That's very exciting for a ghost because most people are not aware of them. The opportunity to be heard and seen is fabulous for them!

This is when you need to make a decision. Unless you are an adult, living alone or with other consenting adults, there is no reason to keep a ghost around. I, personally, know of too many times that a ghost feeds off a person's energy and you do not want that around children or even yourself. Ghosts have no place in people's homes, in my opinion and in my experience. I've never seen it turn out well. Tell them to go away. Mean it. If you don't, they will know and they will stay.

I hope this helps you to understand more about ghosts.

Until next time....

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