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Connecting With Spirit,

Beginning Intuitive Feng Shui  or   

Read  Tarot Intuitively

Choose from FIVE courses!


Living a Life of Intention, three levels

Three courses designed for you to learn spirituality a-z!

These classes last six weeks.  The lessons will be released each week, six weeks in a row, with questions answered in a secret* Facebook group (*no one will see your posts except for class members, your posts will not show up in others' newsfeeds).  There will be videos as I guide you through meditations as well.

Beginning Intuitive Feng Shui

teaches you how to work with your home and property's energy with an integrity that is life-changing!

Living A Life of Intention 1

Spirituality 101

     Protection Rituals

     How to Open to Spirit

Angels, Angels, Angels

     Meeting Your Guardian Angel

     The Truth About Angels

     Automatic Writing

Who Am I Talking To?

     Distinguishing Ego from Spirit

     Art of the Pendulum

The Gift of Connecting

     Connecting with Loved Ones

     Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Higher Spirit

     Your Higher Self, ArchAngels & Ascended Masters

     Messages Directly to Our Class 

Connecting with Animals

     Learn To Work With Animals' Energy

     Meeting Your Lifelong Spirit Animal


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Living A Life of Intention 2

(Prerequisite:  First Course)


     Learn to Dream with Intention

     How to Interpret Your Dreams

Pre-Birth Planning

     Learn What It Is and How It Affects Your Life Now

     Understanding Addiction & Handicaps

Karma/Past Lives

     Understanding How Past Lives Affect You Today

     Learn How Karma is Incurred and How to Release It

Auras & Energy Protection

     How to Read and Interpret Auras

     Protecting Your Own Energy

Healing Your Inner Child

     Releasing Past Hurts

     Converting Negative Energy Using Your Heart 

Looking Within

     Growing Without an Ongoing Class

     Requesting an Ascended Master to Mentor You


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Living A Life of Intention 3

(Prerequisite:  First & Second Course)


     Working with Crystals

     How to Create Your Own Crystal Grid with Details

Working with Ancestors

     Healing Family Trauma

     Connecting & Moving Forward with Your Ancestors

Integrity with Body

     Learning New Self-Care Practices

     Connecting Directly with Body

Integrity with Relationships

     Practical Help with Boundaries

     Connecting with Someone Else's Higher Self

Integrity with Home & Nature

     Nature Spirits, Moon Phases

     Connecting Directly with Tree

Integrity with Self

     Embracing Your Shadow Side

     Spiritual Bypassing                                                                                                             

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Beginning Intuitive Feng Shui

Feng Shui 101

   What IS Feng Shui?

   How to Work With Baguas

   The Five Elements

Mouth of Ch'i

     Front Door & Entry

     Front Yard

     Fixes & Cures



     How to Arrange for Your Optimum Health

     Fixes & Cures

Master Bedroom

     Master Bedroom

     True Peace

     Fixes & Cures

Other Rooms 

     Tying It All Together

     Fixes & Cures

Each student will receive a complete Bagua Map of their home to work with throughout class.                                                                                                                

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Read Tarot Intuitively


Would you like to learn to read Tarot for yourself?  This is the class for you!  We will not be going "by the book".  You are going to learn how to read using your intuition!  I have had many professionals come out of this class!  Whether you want to be professional or just learn to read well, this is the class for you.  This is a four-week course with homework.  There will be videos as I teach you and I will proof and critique your work.   


You will have so much fun as you practice on your classmates in a secret Facebook group!  I will publish the lesson each week.  You will learn different spreads and be confident that, once you finish the class, you can really read the cards.  We will all be learning from the same deck so please contact me directly to sign up for this class.  I will give you the link for the cards you will need.

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