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Service Testimonials

(I am required to tell you that you may not receive the same results as the testimonials below as individual results and conditions may vary.  Testimonials represent personal experience.  I do my very best in every session and reading and am hoping you will be as pleased as those represented below.)


I have participated in many personal guidance sessions with Lacey.  She provided me with much needed clarity and with her support I gained more confidence to continue on my path.  Lacey's advice and guidance are a welcome relief in stormy weather.  I would recommend Lacey to any of my family and friends and always look forward to my sessions with her.                    ---Kate

Lacey is an amazing person.  My reading was spot on and truly wonderful!  Everything she read for me hit home and was unbelievably true.  I even know my very own Angel's name.  My family, who means the world to me, was also recognized.  I found that Heaven realizes my worries and told me they will soon be left behind.  What a fantastic experience!  Thank you, my wonderful friend.            ---Shirley

Lacey has been blessed with some remarkable gifts of Spirit.  I've experienced some of her gifts through a unique personal growth reading that is unlike any reading I've ever had. She connected with a spirit guide for me and the messages that she received and conveyed were spot on. The time and energy that Lacey put into my reading were exceptional.                        ---Debby

I was not sure what to expect having never had a reading before.  I was surprised at how detailed and specific my readings were.  They have provided me with answers and insights into who I am, not only as a physical being but as a spiritual being.  Lacey is very adept at translating and communicating what she receives from Spirit and graciously clarifies any information I may have a question about.  I look forward to receiving more of Lacey's amazing readings in the future!                 ---Sage

I have had a couple of readings by Lacey and she has been spot on every time.  Recently, she sent the report of my last reading.  She had no way to know what had been going on in my life the week prior and, in her reading, it was brought up!  I had been looking for specific guidance and it was there!  I was so excited to give her feedback because it resonated with me and made so much sense!  Lacey is wonderful at what she does and I would highly recommend her, she will not let you down.                  ---Dani

I recently lost my husband to a very aggressive cancer.  During those first days after his passing, I was pretty lost and somehow felt like losing him was my fault.  I felt like I did something to deserve the pain I was experiencing.  I turned to Lacey for some insight.  Her reading gave me the answers I was looking for and I was able to find peace and understanding as to why he and I both went through this experience.  I would recommend Lacey as both a friend and as a professional to anyone who would like more insight in their lives.  She is one of the kindest most trustworthy people I have ever met.                    ---Diane


Lacey offers many valuable services and classes which have played a pivotal part in my spiritual growth and self-awareness since 2017.


Lacey's accurate abilities to connect and read for you give insight and clarity to your situation.


Her online classes are convenient to access and are yours to keep to reference back to, but most importantly Lacey's guidance, support, mentoring, and wisdom given through each step of her class gives you confidence and understanding.  She is invested in developing your spiritual growth and practices by example.  It is very apparent that she cares for each and every one of her students.


Lacey's readings for me have included Personal Guidance readings, a Past Life reading and Pet Connection readings. 

I have taken her Living a Life of Intention classes Levels 1-3.                                                               

Thank you Lacey for your innate gifts and teachings.                                      --Jackie

Over the past two years, Lacey has done several readings for me.  Each time I was in awe at the inspirational and helpful messages she received for me, and how spot on they were.   My husband even came through a number of times for me.  Lacey's readings are very positive and give me things to think about and instruction as to how to implement them into my life.  I lack the words to describe what my last reading meant to me and how powerful the message was.  It touched my heart so deeply that I cried tears of joy.  And the info I received is changing my life.  Lacey is a very gifted spiritual medium and a great friend, too.   I would highly recommend her to anyone for a reading.  They will not be disappointed and will always be deeply touched by the messages she receives for them!                    ---Linda

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