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In-Person    Readings &

Intuitive Feng Shui Consulations



You may want a reading in-person if you:

  • Want the personal experience of interacting with your Angels and Guides yourself!

  • Want to ask your Angels and Guides questions by yourself and in-person! 

  • Want to hear your deceased pet at the same time that I do!  

Spirit knows no boundaries and I can easily do distant readings at much less cost; however, there are many of you who would rather experience a reading in-person.  Should a deceased person come through during this reading, you will definitely have the opportunity to interact with your loved one as well!  Please contact me for an appointment if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 


If you are physically too far for this but still want to speak with me live, I also make FaceTime or Zoom appointments and they are the same price.  These meetings will need to be prepaid.  I will bill you $200 for the first hour.  If we run over, I will bill you again for the balance. 

Mediumship   Readings to Communicate with your Angels &   Guides

$200 per hour,

$25 per 1/4 thereafter,

$250 maximum

Intuitive Feng Shui Consultations

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I intuitively assess your home and use this ancient Chinese science that helps you to harmonize with the energy of your land and home. You would be astonished at how your life can change once you implement suggestions that will help your home and land to synchronize with your energy! 


You will receive a home visit, your home's bagua (space or area) map as well as your land's bagua map, and an 11-14 page written home report with suggested changes and evaluations.  As I will spend up to 8 hours on your home, prices begin at $450 for a home up to 2500 sq feet.  Please note that I will need to spend approximately two hours at your home in order to assess it.  I will also need architectural drawings of your home and land as well.  These are usually found in the closing papers on your house loan.  Contact me for details!

Medium   Readings to Communicate with the Dead

After much thought and prayer, I no longer offer a reading with the purpose of only connecting with the dead.  I feel very called to connect people with their divine team, their spiritual support team.  If, while connecting, one of your loved ones comes in, I am more than happy to give your their messages; however, I will no longer be doing a reading based solely on connecting with the dead.

I feel called to help you move FORWARD.  To do that, I believe it is critical to connect with your own Angels and Spirit Guides.  Personal Guidance Readings comprise 50% of my mediumship business.  The other 50% are Pet Connection readings.  It is very rare for me to be approached for a reading only communicating with the dead.  I want you to have the best experience you can have with a reading.  As I very rarely connect anymore with anyone else's deceased loved ones, I would rather refer you to the best person I know for this service.  Keep reading, please.


Part of what I have learned about my journey to move forward has been to release the dead.  The other part has been to quite literally take responsibility for my own spiritual growth.  My blogs will walk you through learning on your own how to connect with your loved one.  If you will go to my blog page and scroll down, you will find tags.  If you will pull up the tag for connecting with the deceased and deceased loved ones, you will find posts to help you to do this on your very own.  That's what I teach in my classes - how to connect with your loved ones, your Angels, your Guides, the ArchAngels, the Ascended Masters, and more.  This is my calling!

Again, if one of your loved ones comes through in a regular reading with me, I am more than happy to give you their message.  I will just no longer be offering this particular reading.  If you are interested in Personal Guidance from your spiritual support team, I am your girl!

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