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Terms of Site Use

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Privacy Policy

You need to know that I take your privacy seriously.  Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else.  Your name, address, email, phone number as well as financial information will not be shared.  Information concerning your reading, mentoring or guidance sessions will never be shared without your express permission.  I value your trust.


I, Lacey Camp, am not responsible for the actions taken by the client after any reading or session.  The reading or session is provided for personal and spiritual growth only and is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological counseling.  I am not a certified medical health professional nor a veterinarian and do not give any advice or guidance that should be taken as a medical evaluation.  (Aren't you loving reading this?)


You agree that any reading or session given by me may not be 100% accurate and that the information you receive may not apply at the time but could in the future.  (I do my best!)  You also agree that you alone are innately responsible for any decisions you make after a reading or session.  Should you have a medical or psychological problem, please see a medical professional. 


In case you are still wondering, I do not give readings for any medical, psychological or any other health situation.  Enough said.


Upon booking a reading or session, you agree that you are solely responsible for any and all actions before or after the reading or session.  You waive any right for legal action against me, Lacey Camp.  It is your responsibility to decide whether you might need medical, psychological or health help after a reading or session and you will seek treatment from a qualified professional.


Any information on this site and in this blog is copyrighted.  It is illegal for you to copy and paste or take screenshots of this site.  To do so without the author's permission puts you at risk and isn't very nice.  Please don't do that.  Give credit where credit is due.

By procuring the services of this site, you have agreed that:

  • you are over the age of 18

  • you understand that any action taken after your session is solely your responsibility

  • none of the services offered here can replace certified medical or psychological counseling and/or treatment

  • none of the services offered here can replace examination and care from a veterinarian

  • you are waiving your right to any legal action against Lacey Camp

  • you understand that any service rendered is devoid of any guarantee or warranty, express or implied


Data Protection Policies

effective July 15, 2018

Required Data Protection Policies


In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation in effect for European citizens since May 25, 2018, and a number of similar laws passed and coming in various states, I, Lacey Camp, strive to comply with reasonable and required policies for protecting clients’ personal information.


Gathered Information 


Your name, email address, your phone number and possibly other personal data are collected and maintained on Wix servers and my hard drive when you use a website form to contact me.  I do not monetize (share or sell) your information to any third party merchants or service providers.  I do not have access to your credit or debit card information, or bank account when you make payments via PayPal. It is recommended that you read PayPal’s policies on data protection at


About Browser / Analytic Cookies

This website's sitemap may have been submitted to Google Search Console for site ranking purposes in Google's search engine. Google uses computer code called cookies which can ascertain your general location, computer IP address, and type of device used (desktop / laptop / cell phone / tablet) for the purpose of tracking internet use by the general public. However, that information is not monitored by me, nor by this website's host. Your browser  -- whether Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, etc -- may track your browsing history. Neither I nor this website's host have access to your browser history. It is recommended that you routinely delete your browser and download history, and clear your cache on a weekly basis. Consult your browser support for how to do that.


This website's webhost, Wix, does gather and aggregate minimal non-identifying information such as which pages and posts are visited the most, at what time of day on which days, on which social media any pages or posts are shared, and which countries visitors are coming from. This helps me know what kind of content my readers are most interested in, so that I can provide more of it. Neither I nor Wix can see your IP address, or city.


You are encouraged to check this disclosure page on subsequent visits to this website for further information in the unlikely event that changes to the analytics software have been made.

All of this page is about protecting your rights as my client and my rights as an individual business owner.  I am honored to have you as a client!

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