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Clutter Challenge 2: Front Door/Entryway

This is an incredibly important area of your home. In Feng Shui, the front door is one of the Three Pillars. It is the entrance to your home and your energy, the Mouth of Ch'i. It's also easily neglected. This week we are going to direct good and healthy energy directly into our home!

Let's study our front door.

  • Is it clean inside and out? Now, move it back and forth. These doors get so dirty! Even on the inside, we can usually see a lot of wear and tear (even grime) around the doorknob.

  • Is there a squeak? Oil it! You don't want to prohibit energy in any way so set your intention here and welcome it in with a free-flowing door swing!

  • What is the color of your door? Feng Shui loves red, black, brown and green here but use your own intuition! Would a warm yellow be more inviting? Rejuvenate the front door easily with paint!

  • Does your door need a seasonal invitation? Nothing is prettier than a door wreath. (While you're at it, be sure your door wreath doesn't look tired!)

  • Don't forget a mat inside and outside this door. Inside mats make such a difference in helping you to keep your home clean. I have an inside and outside mat at every outside door in our home.

  • Does your door have glass in it? Does that bother you? We experience that with both our door and the sidelights that frame it. I don't like anyone seeing straight through my house when they come to the porch so we found a great product to fix that. It just makes your glass opaque. You get the light but nobody sees through. You can pick up this spray can from any home improvement store. We have used it on our last three front doors! Frosted Glass Spray paint is semi-transparent and wipes off if you don't get an even finish the first time! Be sure to read the instructions on the can and follow them. I don't touch this spray when I clean my front door on the inside. Once it's on, leave it alone.

Since we touched on the front yard and porch last week, I only want to say here that you need to be sure to lead the energy to your front door. That is easily achieved by placing a bright potted plant up close to the door or even a garden flag alongside your porch!

Let's look inside your entryway. How do you feel when you see it?

  • Is it strewn with clutter? Now is the time to go through it! Some people use their entryway as storage for backpacks, shoes, etc... If you do, look for ways to streamline your storage here. Feng Shui understands you have to live in your home but there are always ways to help you to do this better and more organized. There are so many cabinet and bookshelf options available. Find what works for the way that you live!

  • Does your entryway look tired? The quickest and easiest way to bring up energy here is with a new piece of art or a new plant! This is an easy place to change energy-wise as it is usually one of the smallest areas in our homes.

  • Do you have a credenza or chest in this area? If so, this is the week to go through it. Do you really use the things in there? I keep all our electronic paraphernalia in here, extra cords, chargers, laptop, you name it. I went through my credenza and stored all like items in small baskets. Now, if we need something, I can quickly access it. Don't make this piece a catch-all. If any furniture is in this area, help it to work for you. If it is only decorative, it needs to bring you great joy!

The key in this space is one of openness! Make this space as light and airy as possible. Invite that energy in!

Any questions or challenges, please don't hesitate to ask! Need a home/land Feng Shui Consultation, I'm here for you! You can change your life when you change your environment! I can also help with organizational problems as well for an hourly or daily fee.

Until next time....


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