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Online Class Testimonials

(I am required to tell you that you may not receive the same results as the testimonials below as individual results and conditions may vary.  Testimonials represent personal experience.  I do my very best in every class and am hoping you will be as pleased as those represented below.)

I just completed Lacey's Living a Life of Intention I psychic development class, which was a wonderful experience.  Lacey provided excellent feedback and covered quite the array of topics I didn't expect to be covered.  I have taken other classes and none have covered animal communication.  The courses are well thought out and Lacey provides ample opportunity to discuss, answered all the questions I had and provided positive and encouraging advice.  I would gladly recommend this course to someone who is just beginning to open to or develop their spiritual journey.   --Allie

I love Lacey's classes!  I did two of her online sessions, both of which had several classes, and my favorite part is that she emails the lessons so I can keep them and refer back.  I'm even going to print them out and make a Lacey book for myself!  I've been so busy during the last session, that I haven't been able to keep up as much as I'd like to, but I still feel connected with her closed class FB group and the flexibility of online classes.  I also appreciate that she's so accessible - we PM about all kinds of things and have become friends.          --Kris

Taking online classes with Lacey has been such a blessing!  I have grown leaps and bounds.  I have met my guardian angel and spirit guides and even got to communicate with some of my relatives!  I highly recommend her classes for anyone looking to grow in their intuitive practice.                        --Heather

I completed Living a Life of Intention 1, 2 and 3 online. To say that Lacey helped me is a huge understatement. With her guidance, I have accomplished so much, especially communicating with ancestors. I love that any time I feel blocked or frustrated I can look back on her teachings and overcome any obstacle I am facing. I would highly recommend any of her courses to anyone willing and ready to explore personal growth.       --Janiece


Lacey’s Living a Life if Intention courses have been absolutely pivotal for me. Through her coursework, I have been able to connect so many dots and, most importantly, learned to reconnect with myself and my knowing in such a meaningful way. I finally found the guidance I had been searching for. Lacey has been with me every step of the way, supported me and has always provided useful feedback and advice. If you’ve been looking for a place to begin and where to take that next step, Lacey has the tools to get you there. I am so grateful for Lacey’s work, she has been such a blessing for me!                                 --Courtney

Lacey offers many valuable services and classes which have played a pivotal part in my spiritual growth and self-awareness since 2017.


Lacey's accurate abilities to connect and read for you give insight and clarity to your situation.


Her online classes are convenient to access and are yours to keep to reference back to, but most importantly Lacey's guidance, support, mentoring, and wisdom given through each step of her class gives you confidence and understanding.  She is invested in developing your spiritual growth and practices by example.  It is very apparent that she cares for each and every one of her students.


Lacey's readings for me have included Personal Guidance readings, a Past Life reading and Pet Connection readings.  I have taken her Living a Life of Intention classes Levels 1-3.                                                               

Thank you Lacey for your innate gifts and teachings.                                      --Jackie

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