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Musings Of a Medium

There are some things I have learned that I feel compelled to tell you. I certainly don't know everything but I have learned a great deal on my journey so far.

You are never alone. You always have a team of spiritual support. Your Angels and Guides, your deceased loved ones, ancestors you've never even met are here for you. Today. What a privilege that God loves us so much that He created Angels and Guides

I'll never learn enough and I'll never know it all and that's okay. I am enough. I AM ENOUGH. I have already been chosen. I am the child of the great I Am.

We can only achieve soul growth by listening to our heart. The only way to listen to our hearts is through stillness. Oh, so hard for me but, oh, so worth it. It is only through being still that I hear and understand.

Cultivating a sense of gratitude is life-changing. This is not a cliche'. There is always something to be grateful for. Always. It is so much easier to be happy when you acknowledge gratitude!

In the end, there is only love. My friends, if I could get you to hear this one thing, this would be it. We are all terminal. We will all die. We cannot take a thing with us but love. When your deceased loved ones come through, they only care about love. It doesn't matter that you had a fight the last time you saw them. They love you. They understand on the other side. I would urge you to look into your hearts. I am telling you about my direct experience with Angels and Spirit. I have been shown this time and time again. Let go of fear and judgement. They have no place beyond the veil. There is ONLY love! Not only will your loved ones tell you that but so will God's messengers, the Angels. I believe the Angels - every time.

You are loved more than you will ever, ever, ever comprehend. God's Light and Angels are surrounding you this very second - right now. Believe it. When I have the privilege of speaking to my Angels and my Guides, they want nothing more for me than what is for my highest good. That's it. Every time. God's Love is truly all we eternally need. Once you understand this, really understand this, and believe it, you will find that peace that passeth all understanding.

That is my wish for you today. That you know and understand the magnitude of our Creator's love for you. That you understand how divine you are just because you are already His.

We may never speak. I may never have the honor of helping you on your journey but know that Spirit has taught me to honor your soul and your journey. It doesn't have to be exactly like mine. I have so many friends of so many faiths and some of none. That doesn't matter. I don't know everything but I know I have been called to love His creation and every single person on this planet is of that creation. We are all one in His eyes.

If this post speaks to you, please share!

Until next time, I wish you peace.

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