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How Can I Help YOU?

A Medium does so much more than talk to dead people! Did you know I speak to Angels and Spirit Guides far more than I speak to those who have passed on? I do! My Readings & Guidance sessions enable me to connect with either an Angel or Guide from your spiritual support team. They then answer your questions, giving you clear guidance, for your life situations. Maybe you don't know what to ask. If that's the case, I can still connect for you and ask what you need to know for your highest good. Your Team loves to connect with you and are always available for help and guidance.

I teach both online and locally. I have a series of spiritual teachings, Living a Life Of Intention, that will enable you to connect with Spirit. I also teach Intuitive Feng Shui as well as Intuitive Tarot Card reading. All my classes can be found here.

I also offer Mentoring sessions. These are personalized sessions just for YOU! We move at your pace to accomplish your goals! Allow me the honor of assisting you in your spiritual journey! You can sign up for three months to twelve months at a time.

My Pet Connection sessions allow me the opportunity to speak with your living or deceased pets. Perhaps you are having some behavioral problems. I can't guarantee your pet's reaction to our session but I can tell you that most of the pets I speak with are gems and want to please you when they understand the objectives of the session. These appointments have been very successful for animals who aren't getting along as well. I offer discounted rates for those with multiple pets. One of the most satisfying aspects of these sessions is enabling a grieving pet owner to connect with their furbaby.

Don't take my word for it! Check out my testimonials - Guidance and Mentoring and Pet Connection.

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Until next time.....

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