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Change Your Energy Today!

Need a BIG change fast? As a Feng Shui consultant, let me tell you that cleaning your front porch and front door will have one of the biggest effects you can imagine! Now is the time to get outside, grab a water hose and spray off your entire porch and front door. The front door is the Mouth of Chi, it is the entrance to all energy in your home and; consequently, into your life! How clean do you need to be keeping your front door? How clean do you keep your mouth? Never forget the importance of the Mouth of Chi.

Never use your front door? That's a big problem! This area is quite important. You need to get the energy moving! We only check our mail through our front door so that it's used at least once daily. Otherwise, we pull straight into our garage and rarely use the front door.

Live in an apartment and don't have a porch, no problem! You can still clean your front door and welcome the energy in.

How can we change the energy at our Mouth of Chi?

  • Clean the entire area - sidewalk, porch, and front door. Don't forget your welcome mat and any furniture.

  • Once that's done, let's bring in some fresh energy! Adding a new plant, a crystal set with intention, a new chair, whatever calls to you, can bring in a great deal of fresh energy. The color red is best for drawing great energy to you but I love having Black Tourmaline beside my front door to aid in protection from bad energy. The whole point is intentional placement of something new. It could be a wreath or a new statue. Anything is fine but it needs to be new or freshened up!

  • Paint the front door. Choose a color that excites you! Feng Shui likes red, black, brown and green but you should use a color that pulls YOU in. It's your front door. It's the first thing that people see when they enter your home. Make that first impression count!

  • If you live in a home where you cannot see the front door from the street, place potted plants prominently to lead someone to your door. If you are living in an apartment, place plants, a welcome mat or something appealing outside your door to welcome the energy inside.

  • Hang a sweet-sounding windchime outside your door on your porch. This will keep your energy moving outside on the porch. If you don't have room on your porch, hang it in a tree on the way to the porch. Our ceiling is so high that I did that instead! If you're in an apartment, you could place a small windchime on a shepherd's hook placed inside a potted plant.

Do you need help with the Feng Shui in your home? I teach a course on Feng Shui and I also do Feng Shui home consultations to help you quickly change the energy of your home and/or land. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Until next time.....


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