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(I am required to tell you that you may not receive the same results as the testimonials below as individual results and conditions may vary.  Testimonials represent personal experience.  I do my very best in every class and am hoping you will be as pleased as those represented below.)

The Living a Life Of Intention courses are perfect for those wanting to forge a new connection with Spirit and also great for those with more experience who want to go deeper.  The classes are so much fun, lots of laughing and learning in a wonderfully open and safe environment.  Lacey has a beautiful way of making you feel heard and accepted as you are.  No matter what level of connection you are at, she is always there with a gentle guiding hand and an understanding ear to encourage you to go deeper.  She has a gift for helping you to fully believe in yourself and trust in what you are receiving from spirit. I have learned so much about myself and made an intensely deeper connection to spirit through both courses (Life of Intention I and Life of Intention II).  I have met my Spirit Animal and an Ascended Master.  Connections I don't know if I would have believed myself capable of creating if not for Lacey's class and her incredible teaching.  She has so many examples and ideas to help encourage and inspire, but it is her faith in you, as a spiritually connected person in your own right, that truly allows you to move forward and begin receiving your own guidance.             --Cameron

I attended every session of  Living a Life Of Intention classes with Lacey, and I am so grateful that I did not have to miss a single one.  Each one was inspiring and enlightening in ways that go beyond my ability to express.  Lacey is very engaging and sensitive to each of the very different individuals in each group.  Every student was reached on some level in a way beyond their expectations.  She is open and honest about herself and gives generously of her insights and information that she has gained.  And she is so darned funny!  It is a shame these were not all videotaped classes.  They were full of wonderful and rare moments that the world should be able to share.  I learned so much each week.  I received weekly inspiration that took my life to a higher spiritual level than I have ever before experienced!                   --Cheryl

After taking Lacey's classes, Living a Life Of Intention, Read Tarot Intuitively and Intuitive Feng Shui, you will have the baseline for all things spiritual.  You may not know everything but you will have a good working knowledge of the concepts for most of the tenets and modalities commonly accepted in spirituality.  I can tell you that I can now pick up ANY spiritual book, walk into ANY crystal shop, pick up ANY Tarot deck and walk into ANY environment with confidence in my skills and knowledge.  YOU ARE WORTH TAKING HER CLASSES!  You are in safe hands with Lacey.  She is always there to support you, help you and walk you through each class, every step of the way.               --Misti

I just finished classes taught by Lacey and I loved them!  I took the Living a Life Of Intention series and Intuitive Feng Shui.   Lacey is a natural at teaching and has a true gift.  I have taken several other classes from different people but never grasped the understanding like I did from Lacey.  I look forward to many more in the future.           --Debbie

Lacey is a student that teaches.  The best kind of people to learn from, I think.  This is a great place to develop your own relationship to Spirit through a safe, structured, guided journey.  I had fun too!  Having grown up in a very traditional church family, with very fundamentalist tendencies, it has been challenging to listen to the calling of Spirit and follow this calling beyond the "box" into a new understanding of this life we are blessed to live.  It would have been delightful to run across such a warm, comforting source to open that door earlier in my experience.                       --Kim

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