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Clutter Challenge 5: Plants

You've worked hard for a month. Let's slow it down and take an easier week! Plants are my number one go-to when I want to change the energy in a home! They immediately bring an air of growth and vitality and give you instant gratification!

I once had a dear friend visiting. She told me, "I've never been able to figure out why I always love your homes so much but I think it's finally hit me. You use living plants and they just bring life to the place that nothing else does!" In truth, I only have living plants in four areas of my home. I have a pothos ivy in the living room, several plants in my kitchen dining area, one fern in my laundry room, three plants in my master bedroom, and all my orchids in my master bathroom.

What if you don't have a green thumb? Ask your local garden expert and they can help you to get started. This is a great area for baby steps. Start with one living plant and put it where you feel it is most needed, just be sure you have the right light for the right plant.

Feng Shui does not like fake plants. To be honest, most are significant dust catchers. If you really feel you must have one, I would ask you when was the last time you cleaned it or even noticed it. Think about that. They are stagnant and begat stagnant energy in your home.

Looking at your plants:

  • Do your plants look tired or mostly dead? If so, honor them then throw them out. Plants reincarnate just as we do. Allow them to do so. Replace them with better plants for that area.

  • How old are your fake plants? Did you know many interior designers suggest tossing after two years??? Do your fake plants need cleaning and revitalizing? If you insist on keeping them, bang them against your home outdoors and watch the dust come off them then reposition them and fluff them out again.

  • Do any of your bedrooms look old and tired? Bring in a plant that works for the light in that bedroom!

  • Terrified of trying to care for plants? Start off with the easiest for you. Pothos ivy works in all kinds of light and is very hardy. I can't recommend them enough. If you have a friend who has one, ask them for a cutting. I like peace lilies for dark areas because they let me know when they need attention. They will wilt overnight for lack of water but bounce right back! Have fun with this and find what draws you. I love succulents but can only grow a couple of different kinds. I found that out the hard way but now I know.

  • Be sure any plant you bring in is not poisonous to an inside pet! Just ask or google.

  • If you put a plant nowhere in your home, may I suggest a peace lily in your bedroom? We spend 1/3 of our time there and peace lilies are known for their oxygenating qualities!

Plants in your home should bring you joy. If they do not, get rid of them. Give them away. Let them go. I once had a plant take over an entire corner of my home. It was huge and no longer worked for me. I had a friend who dearly loved it and needed just that for her space.

Don't overlook Mother Nature when decorating your home. Not only can she change the energy but she can help to ground you as well.

Need a home/land Feng Shui Consultation? You can change your life when you change your environment! I can also help with organizational problems for an hourly or daily fee.

Until next time...


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