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Mentoring Testimonials

(I am required to tell you that you may not receive the same results as the testimonials below as individual results and conditions may vary.  Testimonials represent personal experience.  I do my very best in every session and reading and am hoping you will be as pleased as those represented below.)


Wow! What a journey it has been to work with Lacey. As soon as I was introduced to her, I knew I wanted to learn from her. She is such a clear channel and at the same time, so relatable – which is a big reason I was drawn to her. She makes the esoteric accessible and understandable. I cannot overstate the impact that my time mentoring with Lacey has had on my life and my spiritual journey. I appreciate so much the tools that I have learned while working with Lacey. I use them on a daily basis to support my continued growth.


If you’re looking for a grounded, experienced and open-hearted teacher to guide you on your spiritual path, I cannot recommend Lacey highly enough! Invest in yourself by working with her. Your soul and the Universe will thank you.


Lacey Cap mentee, Summer

I prayed earnestly for a teacher to guide me on my spiritual journey, and the Creator answered that prayer with Lacey.  Until then, I was lost wandering through a tremendous amount of information, trying to piece it all together, but not really knowing how.  Lacey put all those puzzle pieces together for me so I could learn and practice in the most effective, efficient, and exciting ways!  She has helped me to move past old limiting beliefs and fears that were not only debilitating my spiritual growth but were also keeping me stagnant in my daily life.  Today, I am full of joy and openness that allows me to experience the divine in everything and every one, each and every day, and I've been able to move forward in my personal life and my professional goals with a gusto I never thought possible.                    ---Summer

After being introduced to Lacey, my world re-opened.  Many years ago I "dabbled" in the spiritual and metaphysical world.  This is so much more than that.  Lacey has shown me how to contact my Spirit Guides and Angels and how to feel safe, honored, and loved while doing it.  She has broken down the process of getting centered to where it takes very little time to clear out old energy, ground myself to Mother Earth, and protect myself with Spirit love, light, and grace.  After taking several classes and having a couple of personal readings (even for my cats), I decided to go through mentoring with her.  It has enhanced my life so much!  I will carry these teachings with me forever.                  ---Kathy

Lacey Camp mentee, Helena

I worked with Lacey for one year and learned every single month.  The universe has "divine timing" and Lacey was put in my path when I needed her there.  Being able to have a mentor who can help guide and navigate gifts and abilities is incredibly helpful.  I know that I am much farther along in my journey than if I had not been utilizing a mentor.                                                                                                                                              ---Helena

One thing that comes up pretty quickly in the spiritual journey is the need for clearing, grounding, and protecting. Various healers had given me some pointers on this, but nothing resonated with me. Frankly, they were too long. Then Lacey stepped up to the plate and provided me with the perfect ritual. I say it every morning before I get up and go about my day, and every night before I go to sleep. It wasn’t long before I had it memorized. I’m very grateful for this simple, daily protection.                                                                                              ---Marty

Marty, mentored by spiritual medium Lacey Camp
Debby, a Lacey Camp mentee

I am grateful for Lacey taking the time to mentor me on my spiritual journey. I've recently become awakened in the last year or so. There is much to learn on the spiritual journey that can become overwhelming to someone not well-versed or experienced in the myriad of pathways available.


Lacey has provided tips and techniques for self-protection, meditations, books (homework!), and general spiritual well-being.  She's happy to answer questions and share her experiences and knowledge.

I am thankful on a daily basis for the crossing of our paths and the connecting of our journeys on social media.


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