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From ArchAngel Michael: Karma

Karma! This is a pretty feared word for most folks! Are you afraid of karma? Many joke about karma. I do not. I want you to lose your fear of karma but I want you to keep a healthy respect for it too.

You may wonder about how karma is set? Actually, you set it yourself! You alone are judge of your life. You alone are the one who will decide what you missed on your journey this time, in this lifetime. When you reincarnate in another, you will have the opportunity beforehand to decide what you still need to learn. This is usually where karma comes in. You decide you need to learn a karmic lesson. Let me give you an example here. Perhaps you used your previous lifetime to hurt someone with strong words and abusive language. You may then choose in your next lifetime to come back in a family with an abusive father. You will then learn exactly how that person from your previous lifetime felt. This would be a strong lesson as it would most likely affect your entire lifetime.

Perhaps you don't need as strong a lesson. Perhaps you were a bad friend to all in a previous lifetime. You might then decide to live a new lifetime with few friends. Your friendships might not last long or you might have no social skills to gain new friends. Again, another long lesson. How could you keep this karma from lasting an entire lifetime? You could LEARN your lesson while you are going through it. You could learn to either surround yourself with people who would make better friends or you might learn to be an exemplary friend yourself, one whose word is true and loyalty is long. Freewill trumps even karma and, when you truly learn a lesson for good, you can release that karma in your present lifetime.

Some of your lifetime karma frequently happens during childhood, when all of your main characteristics are set. This again can be changed. Many people victimized during childhood rise above it and not only learn from the lesson incurred but help others to learn as well. This becomes a success story of their life, even though they may have greatly suffered under the hands or reign of their abuser. Others do not learn the karmic lesson and decide to remain a victim for the rest of their lives. They allow the situation to completely destroy them. In this case, the karmic lesson would not have been learned. They would repeat it, in some way, in another lifetime until the lesson itself was learned.

I know this is very hard to understand. If you have questions here, I am available to answer them. Just let us know. The most important thing to grasp is that you hold the power in this situation. You can rise above your karma and learn the lesson, releasing it. If you are reading this, you are interested in self and spiritual growth. This is not something you need to get bogged down in unless you are having a situation that keeps repeating itself in your life, i.e. you cannot sustain relationships, you cannot find friends or you cannot succeed in something you continually work at. If this is the case, I would advise you to look at the repetitions in these situations. Once you find the pattern, you will be able to unlock the key and you will learn your lesson.

If you need further help with this, I would encourage you to use Lacey as a resource. She becomes uncomfortable when we say this but realize that this is what she does as her gift from God. She can look at a past life and help you to figure out why you are repeating what you are repeating. If you need her help, go to her website and check out her services. I communicate through her to you. She is trustworthy.

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