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10 Signs You Are Opening to Spirit

Need help figuring out if you are opening to Spirit? Take a look at this list!

  1. You see something out of the corner of your eye, in your peripheral vision. If this is happening to you over and over again, you are seeing Spirit!

  2. You hear strange noises that cannot be explained. If you hear things repeatedly, t's not your imagination!

  3. You notice the time randomly and it's always a double or triple number. Angels frequently get our attention with repeating numbers. If this is happening to you, take note. It will become more frequent.

  4. You are noticing cardinals are everywhere. Loved ones are often represented by cardinals. When I spoke with Cardinal, they told me that they love to get our attention for our loves ones in Spirit. When you see a cardinal, particularly one in a strange place, that is a sign. Note here that it may be a cardinal printed on the side of a truck or billboard. When a cardinal shows up, especially in a strange location, pay attention!

  5. You keep hearing the same song that reminds you of a deceased loved one. It could be their favorite song, one you shared memories with or a new song that they'd love or that describes them. It doesn't matter. What matters is the repetition and that you think of them every time!

  6. Feathers are randomly showing up in your life. Many people believe their Angels leave feathers in odd places when they are trying to connect with them.

  7. You are waking up at the exact same time, every night. This is a huge sign that Spirit is trying to communicate with you. If it's happening to you, ask who it is, then listen. You might hear an answer inside your head or see a picture. Just pay attention! My Spiritual Support Team frequently connect with me during the night.

  8. Pennies are put into your path, time and time again. There are many stories surrounding pennies and usually a "found" penny was never lost. It was placed there by someone trying to get your attention. My Grandaddy will leave change in odd places to tell me hello. That's our signal! I've found change in places I'm not even going to tell you about but they are always odd and it's always him!

  9. Something keeps repeating in your life, as in a book keeps coming up in conversation, on tv, on Facebook. There is a reason for that. Sit quietly and ask if there's something you need to learn from that book. There are no coincidences.

  10. You feel a breeze when there is no breeze. Spirit has contacted me doing this before. I was in the house, there was no way a breeze was blowing horizontally across the living room.

These are just some of the ways that Spirit connects with us. Our daughter frequently gets our attention using a butterfly. How do we know it's her? It's usually not during butterfly season! (I also ask and she confirms it.)

In short, if you are open to connect, you are going to connect! Your Angels and Guides would love to have the opportunity to speak with you. Your loved ones want you to know they are alive and well. If you want to hear from them, they will work very hard to find a way to get your attention!

If you are serious about connecting, be sure you take proper precautions. Check out my blogs, Why You Need Spiritual Protection and Getting Spiritual Protection.

Are you curious but need some help? You might benefit from my Mentoring Sessions. They could be just the extra help you might need. Any of us can connect to Spirit. We just have to learn to be open.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Should this post resonate with you, please share it!

Until next time...

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