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From ArchAngel Michael: Why We Don't Interfere Sometimes

Have you ever wondered why God seemed silent sometimes? Have you ever wondered where all His Angels were when you needed help? This is a legitimate question and you will not be the first or the last to wonder about it, I assure you!

Your life here is no accident nor is it spontaneous. Your life is, in many ways,

pre-planned. You have the opportunity to create your life, the major parts of it, ahead of your birth. This is not to be confused with predestination because it is not the same thing. Predestination is when a person's life is completely planned before their birth. There is no free will or choice. The greatest gift Father gives to each of you is the gift of choice and free will. Before you are born, you are able to choose some lessons during this lifetime that will allow you to shape your soul growth. This is a very complex issue and not one we will get into details with in a blog post but, suffice it to say, that your Soul will choose specific people and lessons before you arrive. You will choose your family, whether it is because they will support you in your growth or whether it is because their lack of support will encourage your growth. It will be your choice. You will choose your lessons. Yes, most of the biggest events in your life were pre-planned. Not all of them as you still have the opportunity to change these events with your free will but most of them were.

When you are going through some hardship and you are begging for help, Father ALWAYS hears you. When you believe He is silent, it is many times for your highest good. This, I know, is very hard to hear. Why would your God be quiet when you so desperately need Him? Perhaps because you asked, ahead of time, for His silence. Perhaps losing that relationship will grow your Soul exponentially and free you to find the true love of your life. Perhaps losing that home will spur you to find the home you were created for, in a place you would have never discovered had you stayed in the old home. Perhaps, and this is hardest, losing that person is not a punishment for you but a release for that person. Maybe their time here was meant to be over. There are so many situations in which you do not receive what you have fervently prayed for but I tell you there is always a reason that the request was not granted. Most of the time those reasons are because these are life lessons that you willingly signed up for before coming to Earth School. I know it's hard to believe but your Soul is far more elevated than you are here on this planet and some things will just never have an answer until you return to the Father again.

This is where faith is hardest but I felt really compelled to tell you that we are not ignoring you. Father has never ignored you. You are the Light of His heart. You are here for a reason. Hold tough and look for the blessings in your situation. I do not say this lightly or without compassion. I genuinely love you too. Just trust that all things are for your highest good, especially when they are the bleakest.

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