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Why We Need Our Angels & Spirit Guides

When you are created, God gives you a Guardian Angel. This Angel is with you forever. You also have a Spiritual Support Team. Your Team will consist of other kinds of Angels and Spirit Guides. A Spirit Guide is an ascended human (no longer reincarnating) whose job is to help you throughout your life. They are truly gifts from God! Many Angels and Guides have a specialty. For example, I have a Protection Guide. She protects me spiritually. She takes great care of me!

One of my teachers put my Team into perspective one day when she said, "Consider your Guardian Angel your M.D. The rest of your Team are specialists." Got it!

Some of your Team will come in and out of your life as needed, others will stay with you throughout this lifetime. I have a Mediumship Angel who helps me on every reading I do. How did I meet him? I asked! I had so many questions concerning mediumship. I really wanted someone to teach and guide me. I asked God for a Mediumship Angel and He provided.

My point is that we all have a crowd of people cheering us on, each and every day. You have passed loved ones and even passed pets who are constantly checking in on you. You have Angels and Guides who want nothing but the absolute best for you, whether you are aware they are there or not. Nobody is alone, nobody.

The greatest thing about your Team is that they do not judge you. I have never met a member of anyone's Team that judged them. They just want to be able to help nudge you to take the high road, to make wiser decisions, to love yourself as our Creator loves you (and they do too).

Next time you have a bad day, remember you have your own cheerleaders who know your Soul. They know your heart. They see how hard you try.

How does it change your life to know you truly have an entire team backing you? Let me know!

If you are want help meeting your Spiritual Support Team, you might want to consider booking a Reading or a Mentoring Session today! If this post resonates with you, please share!

Until next time...

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