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Top 10 Ghost Myths

As a professional Medium, I am happy to speak with you today about top ghost myths (in no particular order). I really hope this information is helpful to you!

1) Ghosts and dead people are the same thing. Nope! As a matter of fact, I go through the differences in this blog post!

2) Ghosts are all mischief-makers. No! Most ghosts are really nice. Ghosts are just like us. Most of us are nice too. Remember that ghosts are living their life just like you are. They are still as afraid of specific things as they once were (spiders, snakes, the dark, being alone).

3) Ghosts can go back and forth in the spirit realm. No. Ghosts chose to stay here. They do not have the knowledge that Spirit in the afterlife has access to nor do they have the energy to move back and forth.

4) Ghosts can't hurt you. Actually, even nice ghosts can hurt you. Ghosts are energy and they feed off energy. They will absolutely feed off yours. You will begin to feel grumpy and listless. It will happen over and over again. I have had to help family after family deal with this. I wrote about this in the blog post mentioned above.

5) Ghosts purposely scare you. Very rarely is this true, very rarely. Ghosts are so used to people never hearing them or seeing them that they are quite shocked when they find someone who does. The large percentage of living humans have no idea when a ghost is around them. If you are hearing a ghost or seeing one, tell them (in no uncertain terms) to go elsewhere. This is normally all that is needed 99.9% of the time! When you mention ArchAngel Michael, most mischief-making ghosts have already run a mile! Try saying Jesus around a mischief-making ghost. Again, silence and you'll never hear from them again.

6) Ghosts haunt scary places. This is rare! Ghosts normally stay in places where they were very happy. That means that very few cemeteries are haunted as few ghosts spent time there before they died. The exception to this would be cemetery land that was probably once wild land where children or people lived or had fun. If a place feels scary to you now, consider how it was when it was new or perhaps decades or hundreds of years ago. It wasn't scary when that ghost was alive! The most haunted places are those where people experienced joy - the theater, parks, schools, churches. You get the picture. These are all places that people loved being in. State and national parks are always filled with ghosts. They loved being there just like you do! I have issue with the word haunt because I believe most ghosts are just living their life, like we are. (My hometown actually has ghosts in our old jail. I believe these ghosts are haunted themselves by a lack of self-esteem and believe they think they deserve to be there. Why else would they stay?)

7) All Ghost Tours and Paranormal Groups are bogus. Untrue. The ghosts on reputable tours have been researched and recorded. They have been seen many times and there is evidence they are there. I know people in paranormal groups that have gone to great expense, personally and financially, to ensure they have equipment that registers paranormal activities. You may be interested in this - I always tell my friends that they don't want to go with me on a ghost tour. When these ghosts see me coming, they see my Light. These ghosts are having the time of their lives! They're getting all the attention they never had. They are not interested in going towards the Light and they disappear every single time I come on the scene. They don't want to be rescued. They love where they are! Does this make them "bad" ghosts? Hardly! Do I believe they will never progress and ascend? No. I believe forever is a long time. They will have countless opportunities to progress and it will be their choice when they do so. I just know I'm not their person to help them. If I were on a tour and one approached me, I'd be happy to do so! It's just never happened yet.

8) If I can't get a ghost to move on, I'm stuck with them. No. You're not. I, personally, do not deal with dark spirits but I know people who do. There is help. If you experience something out of my realm, I will refer you to someone who deals with this type of thing. Do not allow a mean ghost to disrupt you or your household. (I have only had to refer one person in all the years I have been in practice so please know that you can usually take care of yourself by stepping into your own power. I can help you with that.)

9) Ghosts know that they're dead. Many do not! That was a huge surprise to me! As I have helped many ghosts to cross over, I have been very surprised at the number who detached from their body before it was dead. They are completely unaware they are dead. I have had to tell several of them that they were actually deceased. Then I had to help them deal with that information. It was quite devastating to them. Since time has no meaning for them, they had not noticed that their friends and family weren't there OR they had gone off in search of them. So many times they are dressed in clothes of their era and they hadn't noticed fashion had changed. It's truly as if they live in their own worlds. I recently helped a little girl whose family was killed by natives. She had been looking for someone to help her and she saw my Light. She told me she had seen others' Lights as well but they never heard her. I picked her up and helped her join her family in the afterlife. Now, mind you, her family had been killed hundreds of years ago. I would imagine most of them have reincarnated but I know that a part of us always lives with God and these parts welcomed her with open arms. She had been looking for her loved ones for what seemed like an eternity to me but she didn't even remember falling asleep. It was as if it had happened yesterday. I believe that is one of God's mercies. Whenever a ghost is ready to go home, God is there for them and they are welcomed with open arms, whether a century has passed or a thousand years. Time has no meaning in eternity.

10) Ghosts are more powerful than we are. Let me be very clear here. There is nothing on this earth more powerful than an Angel. Nothing. They live here with us. We are children of God and, as such, we have access to God's Light and His Angels. I hope you have enjoyed this post. It's been a pleasure to dispel misinformation!

Until next time...


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