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Animal Communication Testimonials

(I am required to tell you that you may not receive the same results as the testimonials below as individual results and conditions may vary.  Testimonials represent personal experience.  I do my very best in every session and reading and am hoping you will be as pleased as those represented below.)

Tess and Leo for Delia McLinden.jpg

The BEST gift I've ever received (and given) is a Pet Connection reading by Lacey Camp!  I've received readings for two of my dogs - and they were both so insightful and spot on. The readings have helped our family to understand our beloved rescue dogs, and their past, so much better.  Our 4-legged family members are such a precious gift, and to be able learn more about what makes them tick - and learn to 'communicate' with them better is truly amazing.                                                                                                                  --Delia


I have been fostering for a local rescue for the past 8 years. A few years ago, I enlisted Lacey’s help with one of my fosters that I was having some challenges with. Since then, Lacey has helped me with several fosters especially preparing them for transitioning to an adoptive home. This has led to Lacey communicating with anything from my llama to my horses.  

The most special event Lacey was able to help me with was the end life of my dog Tex who was with me for 17 years. He was a great farm dog who was so confident when we worked and an overall badass. Tex had become very weak in his back end and couldn’t hear for a few years. It was hard to recognize he was tired because he still was so determined to go do chores. When he wasn’t able to walk all the way to the barn, I had to make decisions. Lacey helped me to let him know that I valued him and loved him for his years of work and companionship, that it was okay to let go and that I could handle the farm work without him. Lacey conveyed to him that it was okay to move on and that he would still be here in spirit, that he would be whole in his body again and not in pain. She explained that when the time came, I would have the vet out and the process involved to help him pass. 


A couple of weeks later, Tex and I spent time at the barn and then he napped under the big pecan tree as he was too exhausted to do much else. The veterinarian came to the house and Tex was very relaxed and continued to nap as the vet worked. Tex opened his eyes but he never moved as I stroked his head. I believe he was ready and understood what was happening. It was such a beautiful experience of such a sad time and I am grateful for the dog I had and Lacey’s help with his transition.                --Traci

Lacey has done three readings for us, communicating with our beloved dog Luna.   Once was as Luna progressed through congestive heart failure with a ‘vet-timeline’ of 2-3 months left to live (she actually lived longer than they said, as her spirit was not ready).  Another time was about a week after Luna ascended to the spiritual realm, and another time about a month after.  All readings were accurate, positive, and very comforting.  The communication rang true of Luna’s beautiful spirit, and have brought peace to our hearts.   We now have another beautiful canine spirit with us, all puppy energy and love.  I contacted Lacey for a reading immediately upon Lucy’s arrival, and she very honestly told me we needed to wait until Lucy is about six months old before communicating…as they are not great about focusing!  So true!  I appreciated her honesty and look forward to communicating with Lucy in the near future.       --Rebekah

Luna for Rebekah McKinney Reese.jpg

Recently Lacey was kind enough to speak to my pets for me. When she read my living pets, we were having a situation after bringing a new dog in to our home with our four very spoiled cats. The cats were showing a large amount of fear and were having a very difficult time adjusting to the new dog. After she spoke to all of the cats and also to the dog, I noticed a change in our home. One by one, the cats started coming up and spending time with the dog. Also, the dog seemed to calm down around the cats and was less threatening towards them. Now, a little over a month later, the cats are perfect at home around the dog and we all seem to have a better understanding of one another. I loved hearing what the animals were thinking and how their personalities came through in her readings.


Lacey spoke to two pets that have passed and I was blown away by the responses she gave. For one of them, I had carried a large amount of guilt for a long time, and she put my mind at ease. She helped me to realize that all things have a purpose and a time even with our pets. Lacey gave me a great gift by reading my pets for me. She has brought peace to our home. I can't recommend her highly enough.     ---Diane

Since Lacey's reading on my dog, WillieBear, he has not tried to get out of the yard once!  There is currently a hole in our back fence that he could easily rip through but he just sniffs and walks on.  He has been much more relaxed and has quit constantly poking his nose through our gate.  It's like he doesn't have any desire to leave our yard anymore!


Lacey also did a reading on our cat, Stevie.  Lacey was so spot on with her personality and health!  She really validated the signs Stevie has been giving me regarding her health and made me feel like I was caring for her properly.  Lacey is the real deal!                                    --Brandy


I was so grateful to have Lacey as a friend when my dog Sandy came to the end. She was able to, very lovingly and gently, communicate Sandy’s last wishes to me and I think this very much is why Sandy had such a peaceful passing. I could do exactly as Sandy wished, no questioning or worrying about making the right choice at the right time. Thank you, Lacey!! 

⚡️💖🙏🏻             --Cameron

The reading that Lacey had with my horse, Dancer, gave me the missing pieces that I needed to feel confident in my developing partnership with him.  The first time I saw him after the reading, I could already feel a shift in our relationship!  Thanks, Lacey!                                            ---Susan

I don't know how to thank Lacey enough for the reading she did on our black lab, Max. He had been with us for 14 years before he passed, and we still miss him. It was so wonderful to hear that Max loved us as much as we loved him and that he was ready to go when he did. Lacey completely got that Max was an old soul. We used to look at him and think his eyes looked human. Max was adamant that he had slept on 'our bed' and that was the truth. The kids were grown and he became our foot warmer. I loved hearing that he was getting ready to incarnate again and that there would be another dog who would soon find us.  --Patty

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