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Mentoring Customized for You!

  • to achieve your highest spiritual potential
  • how to connect with your Spiritual Support Team - your Angels and Spirit Guides
  • how to connect with your deceased loved ones
  • how to work with Ancestors, ArchAngels and Ascended Masters
  • how to connect with your Higher Self and directly with your Body
  • how to connect through your dreams
  • how to work with crystals
  • animal communication
  • how to use tools - read Tarot cards or use a pendulum
  • how to work with Feng Shui in your home or business

We'll use 1-1/2 hour sessions online, FB Live, by telephone, or in-person (if you are in the Metroplex area).  We will work on your goals.  I will also be available to you by email throughout the month.


Weekly or Monthly Mentoring

The single best thing I ever did for myself, early in my journey, was to invest in a monthly mentoring program!  It helped me to explode in my growth!!!  How do you want to grow?  This is your time and we will work on achieving goals that are just right for you.  If you want your sessions close together, we can do that!  Just let me know your needs.  I have had several professionals come out of my mentoring program!

You will leave each session with written material (or I will send you material if you are not in person).  If you would like an example of what you can learn, peruse my class syllabuses.  I can teach you anything from there.  Take a look at my offerings below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Should you decide you would like to continue but you have bought one of the smaller plans, know that I will honor your investment and credit you accordingly so that you get a price break for the larger plans.

​Two Private Visits/

Two 1-1/2 Hour Sessions

(can be scheduled as close as you like)


Already happy with your growth but just need some additional help to get where you'd like to be?  This may be the plan for you!

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Four Private Visits/

Four 1-1/2 Hour Sessions

(can be scheduled as close as you like)


This is a more in-depth mentoring plan that allows you to choose multiple goals and to work on them on your own time level. 

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Eight Private Visits/

Eight 1-1/2 Hour Sessions

(can be scheduled as close as you like)


My most in-depth mentoring plan allows you to achieve your maximum spiritual growth on many levels.  We will make monthly goals and proceed at your pace.  Can be broken into payments with PayPal Credit.

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