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Clutter Challenge 3: Dining Areas

In my practice, I see many people using their dining rooms as all kinds of things. Perhaps you don't need a dining room. If you don't, then by all means convert this to a room that serves you and your needs!

For today's purposes, let's look at your dining room and/or your kitchen dining area.

  • Do you see clutter in this area? Is there anything here that does not belong in this room? Now is the time to get it out.

  • Personally, I don't like rugs in this area. They are food catchers and make it harder to clean, in my opinion. You may love rugs here. If you have a rug, is it tired? Nothing says tired more than a worn rug. Replace it!

  • Does this area encourage fellowship and dining? This is a huge question. Let me give you an example to work from. Have you ever seen a restaurant or diner that uses a lot of reflective surfaces in their decor, such as glass or mirrors? Studies show that people eat far quicker when they see themselves reflected in this area. That helps the food establishment move them on through. At home, this is the farthest thing from our minds. This is where we touch base with one another. Be sure that your area(s) reflect warmth and comfort!

  • Are your chairs comfortable? If they're not, people will not stay here long. I once bought a dining set for my kitchen and found the chairs killed our backs. I went on Marketplace and quickly found replacements! You don't have to spend a lot to get a big bang for your buck here.

  • Is your upholstery clean? It may be time to replace it and what a bright lovely change that would be! Replacing upholstery on chair seats and on bar seats brings new energetic energy into a space!

  • Look at the legs of your chairs. Do any of them need tightened or rejuvenated with a furniture stick for all those scuffs? Mine always have scuffs! A damp Mr. Clean Magic Eraser usually takes them right off with little elbow grease involved. Just check for color-fastness.

  • Do you have a china cabinet or hutch in this area? I had a china cabinet for years until I just got tired of moving it. When I was ready to let it go, I could not give it away! People are really looking to live more stream-lined. Are you? As I went through my china cabinet, I realized there was very little in it that I used or that really brought me joy. I have changed immensely in my life and my tastes have changed as well. That big old heavy cabinet did not reflect who I am anymore. Furniture is fine in these rooms but be sure that it works for you, not against you. It should not stick out anywhere that impedes a person from getting to and from the table.

  • Do you use that set of dishes you're storing? I didn't. I sold them! If you love using your Christmas dishes or good china, by all means, keep them. Just honor them by using them more often! One last comment on storing unused dishes, platters, etc. Really think about storing them "so that you can give them to ______." In my experience, none of my children want what I had considered heirlooms. Not one. Nobody in my entire family wanted my grandparents' silver service. I donated everything but the coffeepot and the teapot. I found a silversmith who then created incredible works of art from them at a very reasonable price (he ships, if you're interested). They are hanging inside my home now! I look at them with glee and, surprise, all my kids love them too. They can have them.....after I'm gone! I took old china salt and pepper shakers and made lovely tasseled Christmas ornaments from them (see Pinterest for ideas). If you're not using something, give it to someone who will or figure out a way to reuse it differently!

  • What about those knick-knacks in this room? Some of mine were greatly sentimental. I wound up getting rid of all the extra dishes and things that I didn't relate to. I then found a small corner cabinet that houses what I wanted to keep without impeding on the room I needed in this area. In my kitchen dining area, I have one long credenza that houses a great deal of my stationery (I love getting and receiving mail) as well as all my candles. It's narrow and doesn't take much room plus it gives me somewhere to display seasonal decor too.

  • Last, look at the art here. Does it please you? Is it tired or non-reflective of who you are? If so, change it! Bring joy to this space!

Any questions or challenges, please don't hesitate to ask! Need a home/land Feng Shui Consultation, I'm here for you! You can change your life when you change your environment! I can also help with organizational problems for an hourly or daily fee.

Until next time...


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