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When Spirit Blocked Me

I recently had a student ask me what I did when Spirit blocked me. I am SO happy to say that this does not happen to me anymore but it used to....a lot! When I was beginning to open to Spirit, there were times when, all of a sudden, I couldn't hear a thing! This was very upsetting to me because I was getting used to speaking with Spirit all the time, any time I wanted to. All of a sudden, I would hear complete silence. NOTHING. It didn't matter how I begged or pleaded, nothing. It was awful. I would cry, I would plead, nothing worked until I would literally figure out the problem.

You see, I'm a chatty girl! I talk to Spirit all day long, as if in an ongoing conversation. The only way Spirit could really get my attention was to quit talking back. I know that may sound backward but it got my attention and it worked. I learned that, if I could not hear Spirit, something was wrong on my end. This took a lot of investigating on my part because it was never obvious. I have only found one way to bust through a block and that is through automatic writing.

The first time this happened to me, I asked to speak with ArchAngel Michael and I started literally tattling on my Team. I told him how nobody was answering me and they were not being supportive to me at all. "Really?", he said. "I can see them right there with you." Well, that made me even madder! When I am mad or frustrated, I become blocked even more. I gave ArchAngel Michael my hands and he began to write through them. It was then that he told me why I was hearing silence and why I needed to come to a stop and pay attention to Spirit. May I say that was the last time I went to Michael around my Team. My spiritual support team is so good to me. They are there for me 24/7. They never leave my side. I did not trust them to take care of me. I did not trust them with all I had. I was still surrounded by a lot of fear at that point and it really affected my communication. I was afraid of what I was doing in my mediumship. I was getting pushback from conservative members of my family. I doubted my abilities. I was wrapped up in fear and mistrust.

I have grown a great deal since those days. Spirit no longer blocks me because I am so much more in tune than I was back then. I am thankful but I will tell you that it has taken a great deal of work and persistence. It's like anything else, practice pays off.

When I first began connecting with Spirit, I had to raise my vibration before beginning. If I didn't, I could never connect. Now, I've been doing it so long, I no longer have to use that step. In the beginning, though, it was critical.

If you are getting blocked or just cannot connect, I would urge you to go back to the beginning. Use your knowledge to go back to basics. Release your frustrated energy, raise your vibration through your own actions or even by using a guided meditation, and start over. Ask Spirit WHY they are blocking you. They don't play games. They would only block you if you are missing something very important. Pay attention. Sometimes blocking you is the only way they can make an impression!

If you yearn to learn to connect with Spirit, I am available through private mentoring sessions. I also keep an ongoing list of people who are interested in classes. Once I have several, I open up new classes as well.

Until next time......

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