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15 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

God intended for all of us to be happy. You can live a life of joy, whatever your circumstances, by raising your vibration. It's important to keep our vibrations high in order to communicate with Spirit and to live at our highest good.

Get out in nature! If you can, walk barefoot in the grass or sand. Nature really does feed your soul.

Clear any lower or negative energy you may have picked up. This is as simple as standing still, stating your intention, and releasing all negative or lower energy from the top of your crown, out your feet, and into Mother Earth for her cleansing and recycling. "Releasing all negative and lower energy I may have accumulated to you, Mother Earth, for your cleansing and recycling."

Ground, ground, and ground! Wrap Mother Earth's green energy around your feet and legs.

Practice gratitude. This is a life choice. You know the old adage about seeing the cup half empty or half full. If you are reading this today, you have something to be thankful for. Watch and study the clouds or the stars. It's a humbling and uplifting experience. Sing or listen to happy or uplifting music, music that stirs your soul. Be selective. Dance! Yes, it's that easy! Pray. Again, it's that easy! Get creative! It doesn't matter what you do, do something! Angels encourage us to be creative every day. Do something to take care of yourself - practice yoga, work out, take a long bath or shower. Swim or take a long luxurious bath and get into the water. Our bodies are made up of mostly water. This reconnection centers us and, again, will help to ground you. Meditate. Be present in the moment. Watch children playing. Find a baby to hold. If that's not possible, find a funny video with children on the internet. Children's energy is so pure and vital. Love on an animal. It works! Every time! Garden. The act of getting your hands down into the earth will center you and bring you back into connection with Mother Earth. This also grounds you.

What are some of the ways you are able to raise your vibration?

Until next time..........

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