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Getting Spiritual Protection

All you have to do is ask! I will teach you how. As you do this, please feel free to change wording or anything else that appeals to you. The only thing I stress is that you understand this is not a prayer. This is a ritual of protection and needs to be separate from a prayer. There is no right way or wrong way to protect yourself. You will be heard, regardless.

You must always ask for Grounding and Protecting from Mother Earth. I say, "Please send your green energy to firmly wrap around my feet and legs as I go about my day today (or as I sleep tonight)." Envision that green energy wrapping around you as you say it. You may want to envision green vines coming up around you. Some people send their own "roots" deep within Mother Earth. If you do that, just change the wording up a bit. The main thing is that we all need to stay well-grounded throughout our day and that keeps us on an even keel. Don't forget to thank Mother Earth for her protection. She is an energy the same as you and I.

After that, I ask Father God for his divine protection. Please note that I call God by many names. I say, "Father/Mother/God, please send your divine White Light to protect me from anything that is not for my highest good as I go about my day today (or as I sleep tonight)." I normally feel a very small touch, light as a feather, hit the top of my crown. I envision it going down my body. I then say "I ask and so it is" before thanking my Creator for divine protection.

I do this in the morning before I start my routine. I try to rise from bed and do it then, standing by my bedside. I do it at night right before I get into bed. This is a ritual that works for me. Different people use different things but I share this for those who don't know how to start their protection ritual. It takes less than three minutes but it makes all the difference!

Here is a prayer you might enjoy when you feel you need some more help! It comes from the Unity Church and was written by James Dillet Freeman. The story behind this prayer is well worth reading!

The Prayer of Protection

The Light of God surrounds me;

The love of God enfolds me;

The power of God protects me;

The presence of God watches over me;

Wherever I am, God is! And all is well.

If this post resonates with you, please share! I recently wrote another post about this subject, "Needing Extra Protection" for use in different situations. You might enjoy it as well.

Do you need help learning, or exploring, your spirituality? You might benefit from a Mentoring Session.

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