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Ramping Up Office Feng Shui

There is nothing like refreshing your office energy! It's actually quite easy.

Clear the clutter. This is the number one thing you can do to move energy! If you have a cluttered office or work space, you can bet your professional life is clogged somewhere as well.

Clear the energy in your space. You may share an office with someone or you may only have a cubicle. You may not want to sage your office for many reasons. No problem. You can still clear the energy using sound or even with crystals.

Introduce specific color into your space. The primary color for the Fame bagua (area) is red while the primary color for the Career bagua is black. Red is full of passion. You can easily bring it in with crystals, flowers, a new rug or even furniture or art. Black is usually easy to bring into offices but don't just count your chair or desk as representative for black. Bring something in intentionally! For my clients who cannot bring red into their space due to design clashes, I suggest taking a piece of red construction paper and putting it under your desk (tape it under the top so nobody will see). The main thing is to set the intention that you are going to bring passion and integrity into your space.

Find a piece that inspires you towards success. If you are wanting your business to be world-wide, hang a map in your office. If you want your business to be fast and growing, find a print of running horses or something that will inspire you daily to get moving!

Bring something living into your office. This could be as simple as a plant. My last office had an aquarium! If your office lighting will not support a plant or if you have a brown thumb, do not use artificial plants unless you are committed to keeping them dust free and refreshed. You could always use art instead. Perhaps you picked up a crystal that will work as well. Crystals are definitely living things!

Move your desk so that you can see the door of your office or cubicle. If you cannot do this (or you would rather sit in front of a window), I would advise you to place a small framed mirror on your desk or even an automotive cat's eye mirror (sticky underside and easy to affix) to the side of a computer screen so that you can see what's behind you. Many people lose their power when their back is exposed (think of the old spaghetti westerns that showed gunfighters sitting with their backs in the corner so they could see the whole room).

While I love to do whole-home consultations for my clients and teach Beginning Intuitive Feng Shui classes, you can do a great deal in your home yourself. Start with simple steps like the ones above. Questions? I'm here for you!

Until next time...

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