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I Am Fully Committed to Me

Whoa. Can you repeat that title and feel any pushback? I am willing to bet that many of you will have a hard time with that statement. It has taken me many years to get to a place that I can say this authentically. Many of us have grown up in the throes of conventional religion and feel it is shameful or selfish to put ourselves first. As a mother, when my children were smaller, they had to become my first priority but that was only for a time. That time is over now and my life is different. Wherever you are at in your life, I urge you to look at your commitment to yourself. It is easy to lose ourselves as we go about this business of living.

Work, commitments, and even family all pull us in so many different directions. It is easy to allow everyone else to become a priority. When I say I am fully committed to me, I am saying that I am taking full responsibility for myself - my health, my personal growth, my integrity in relation to all things. This is not selfish. I am not ashamed of putting my needs first. In fact, it gives me freedom in relationships. There is no reason to attempt manipulation with anyone. They know I am independent. They know I am growing on my own. They love and respect me for that. I am a better partner for having committed to myself. My husband is a better husband for having committed to himself. We complement each other and we encourage each other in our own growth. I have been in relationships where the status quo was good enough. I quit settling long ago. I hope that you will look at your relationships, with others and with yourself. It is only by loving ourselves that we lift our vibration and create our true destiny! When we hold back from our true development, we short ourselves in every area of our life. We withhold our birthright as a child of God. Commit to growth that will bring you joy and help you to explode in passion in every area of your life. Commit now to yourself!

Until next time...

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