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Reframing Your Thoughts

I have begun to use a new tool from my toolbox and it has been a real help to me. I actually learned this technique from A Year of Living Consciously by Gay Hendricks. Gay encourages you to think about a situation that is distressing then to state it out loud. State how you interpret it then reframe it into a new interpretation.

Let me use myself as an example. I was upset that our kids never seem to call us, we always have to call them. My old interpretation would have been that they didn't love us or miss us as much as we love and miss them. My new interpretation is that they are busy. It's not personal. They are raising their own families and busy with their own careers. Mercy! What breathing room I now have in this new interpretation! I can easily pick up the phone. I can easily ask if it's a good time and, if it's not, they can easily then call me back when it is. I sure wasted a lot of time in my old interpretation. I suffered needlessly.

Let's use another example. I am a big proponent of essential oils. I love using them on a daily basis. As I put the oils on during a period when the flu or virus is going around, I could easily begin saying to myself that I am putting these on for the protection of my body but, instead, I realize that I am putting these oils on to support my body. Do you see the difference in my thinking? I am not trapped in fearful thinking. I am staying open to reframing things so that I invite a life of abundance on a daily level. I support my body through my decisions.

You can do this too! I have only used two examples but the sky is the limit here. How can you reframe a situation in your life that can help you to live bigger and better?

Until next time...

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