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Feng Shui your Wealth & Prosperity Area

How are you doing financially? Feng Shui actually addresses money matters right in your home! The top left third of your home (as you are standing in your front door) is your Wealth & Prosperity Bagua (area). (Feng Shui uses a 9 bagua system for your home, splitting it into 9 even squares throughout.) If you have been having money problems lately, it could be because this area is stagnant or the energy has clogged the space. Where to start?

  1. Declutter. This is the single biggest thing you can do to clear old energy out and welcome new energy in! Our Prosperity Bagua is located in our master bedroom which includes a bathroom and closet. I keep my closet sparkling clean and clear of clutter. I don't want any old energy in this area!

  2. Clear the energy in this space. You can open windows and let the wind and fresh air do it for you. You can use sage, sound or even intention. Just clear the energy! You know what feels good. Move the air in this space and diffuse some oil or burn some incense.

  3. Be sure you have living things in this area. Abundance and prosperity are linked to growth. If you have a green thumb, be sure you have a living plant here. Living plants also contribute oxygen to space as well. If you don't have a green thumb, consider putting up a picture of something full of life (landscapes, anything with a lot of green in it).

  4. Green is the color for this bagua. You can easily represent green with a crystal. Crystals have their own energy and bringing in a green one here can be very helpful! It is also easy to find some kind of decorative element in green to bring it in. I use real plants in my bedroom and am comfortable that they bring plenty of green. I also have art on the walls that contain green.

  5. Appoint this area with luxurious furnishings. This is not the area to be stingy. If something reminds you of luxury and wealth, this is the place to display it. Since my bedroom is in this bagua, I make sure we have nice bed linens, luxurious towels, things that make us feel well taken care of!

  6. Watch your language. Yes, pay attention to how you speak about your money. I once had a student who went on and on about how they never had any money. They were literally speaking their destiny. When I asked them to turn their language around, it opened up all kinds of possibilities for them. They began to use phrases like, "I am excited to learn to manage my money." "My money is working for me." You get the picture. Speak the future you want now!

  7. Last, respect your money. When I carry cash in my billfold, it is folded neatly. I even place it all facing the same way. As I receive change, it only stays in one place. I do not have cash scattered around my home or in my car. There is a place for it (in both spaces). I lovingly thank my cash and use it with respect. You would be stunned at how your money will grow when you treat it this way. Energy begets energy.

When we tap into Feng Shui, we learn to open ourselves to the abundance that this ancient Chinese science can help us to bring into our lives. We learn to live consciously. We learn to work with our homes, in partnership, to achieve our best lives possible.

While I love to do whole-home consultations for my clients and teach Beginning Intuitive Feng Shui classes, you can do a great deal in your home yourself. Start with simple steps like the ones above. Questions? I'm here for you!

Until next time...

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