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Mother Earth: Be A Steward

Habitat preservation seems to put off many of you. It is a hard thing to take responsibility of the habitat for which you are responsible yet I am asking you to do so. Most of you live with some kind of yard or land surrounding your property. Have you ever thought about just how many insects and animals depend upon you? Whether you like it or not, they do. If you own any outside property, you are a steward of that property.

What are you doing to help those in nature who are within your scope of help? I would ask you to look upon what you use in your yard or land. Do you use pesticides? At this point, in your human evolution, it has been proven how deadly pesticides are for YOU as well as those you are harming. I understand many of you do not want fire ants on your property. I understand that many of you do not want weeds in your yard yet I tell you that there are better ways to coexist than dumping poisons upon me and upon nature’s children. Perhaps you don’t care for your own property. Perhaps you pay someone else to do so. Have you turned a blind eye to what they use on your property? It is only in the asking that you will find out. Most yard companies are now being asked about organic methods.

How about the birds? What are you doing to support them? A bird feeder is so welcome, especially in the wintertime. Hummingbirds especially flock to feeders year-round in some areas of the country.

Let’s not forget our pollinators! Pollinators are the life source of this planet! Without them, we would all die. What can you do to support not just the bee but the wasp, the butterflies, and even the hummingbirds and bats? There are so many ways to pollinate me. Every single pollinator needs your help today. I do not say this lightly for it is a hard cold fact. Pollinators are a major concern at this time. Whether it is by planting native to your area, in support of native wildlife, or even putting out a pie tin full of marbles with water, to allow the bees a drink, anything you can do makes a huge difference in your space. For those of you who have running water or even ponds or lakes in your area, you are very aware of the wildlife and insects that flock to it. Is there a way for you to have moving water on your property? Perhaps that would mean a solar water device in your birdbath. Perhaps you could install that fountain you’ve been wanting.

I do not mean to nag at you today but I do want to prod you. Please look at ways to sustain your piece of land. Even those who live in small places with only a patio have the opportunity to plant living plants, install small water features and sustain birds and insects. Whatever it is you can do, do it. We will all thrive because of your efforts and no effort is too small. Thank you for listening. Thank you for considering ways in which to support me. It is greatly appreciated.


I am honored to bring occasional messages from Mother Earth to my readers. Please follow my business page on FB for more updates.

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