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Self-Care in Tough Times

I've been working really hard at achieving internal peace but, believe me, I am a work in progress. These are some of the changes I have made. They are not big but they are cumulatively making a difference for me. I thought perhaps they might help you.

1) Go outside daily, period. Whether it is to walk in your yard or walk around your neighborhood, get outside and connect with Mother Earth.

2) Make time for meditation or just quiet time. I love guided meditations! My problem is that I immediately connect with Spirit the second I go into meditation. I was talking to one of my Guides about it recently, thinking I was a failure at meditating, when it was pointed out to me that the entire point of meditation is time with Spirit and with my Higher Self. Oh. Gulp. I guess I'm okay then! Anyway, it makes a ton of difference in how I feel on a daily basis. My Soul feels the calm and that quiet. I am now very conscious of when I begin to feel frenetic and disconnected, even overwhelmed. When it happens, I make time to go into my office and be quiet. Sometimes I just go outside and sit. Either way, it makes all the difference in the world!

3) Mend fences. Yes, mend those broken relationships. As a Medium, I hear from people's Angels, Guides and sometimes their loved ones. Now is the time to mend relationships that need mending. If they do not need to be saved and if it would help you to be able to move forward, just contact the person and tell them that you don't know how to fix it but that you love them and wish them the very best. That will take a load off of you that you cannot imagine. Do it. You are worth the effort.

4) Relax. I had literally forgotten how to do this. I make time to pleasure read. I had forgotten to do it! I've been so busy learning and growing that most of my reading is reference material. I am back to needlework. I love to embroider. It calms my soul. I have begun creating art and I'm even crafting again. I had not made the time to get back into it and, boy, had I missed it. I love creating! I am slowing down, listening to my body and what my heart yearns to do.

5) Look for the helpers! Mr. Rogers' mother was on to something when she taught him that. I have begun a new FB album on my personal page called I Believe In Humanity. Every day, I am looking for something to post into that album. The stories of our human resilience and compassion are incredible! Find them and savor them. They are our true essence.

6) Quit watching the news. Most of my followers are Empaths and the news is not helping us psychologically. By not watching the news on a daily basis, my mind is in a healthier state.

7) Pay attention to Body! I say Body because I believe we covenanted with our bodies when we incarnated for this journey. I love Body and I am so thankful to be in partnership with Body for this lifetime. Every morning, I ask how we are doing. I listen for what Body needs to show me or tell me then I lavish Body with oils to support us on this journey. Your Body will speak to you, listen for it. Love it! It has been there for you every day of your lifetime.

8) Allow yourself to feel your feelings. It's okay to feel your feelings. Just be sure to pick yourself back up if you need to! It is only when we stuff down our feelings, constantly ignoring them, that we are put into a state of dis-ease. Feel those feelings then clear your energy and move forward!

9) Reach out to others. I've begun to quit texting so much and just pick up the phone and call someone. Mercy. It's not that hard but it sure gives me a better connection. It's worth taking the time! What about snail mail? Isn't it the biggest luxury to receive a hand-written note from someone? I'm challenging myself to do that again. I'm writing people I love and telling them how much they mean to me. It makes me feel great and I know it touches them too.

10) Show your appreciation to our real heroes. Do what you can to support those who support you. Make sure you really thank your cashier at the grocery store. Support your trash men. I leave a taped note on our trash can now, thanking them and blessing them in health. I stand out on the porch and wave to them. We are flying our flag on a daily basis now to show support to our nation and our fellow man. So many heroes, everyday people stepping up to do incredible things that make my life so much easier. I haven't even begun to mention our medical personnel and police force who have stepped up in ways we never dreamed of. God bless them all. I hope this post helps you in a small way. I wish you peace and health. May we all rise up, bigger and better than we could ever have imagined. And so it is.

Until next time....

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