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From ArchAngel Michael: Loved Ones' Decisions

One of our readers recently asked, "When a loved one continues to spiral into negativity, how can they rise above what life has dealt them (in their point of view) and find their way to a better life/higher vibration?" I thought this a really good question because many of you struggle with watching your loved ones struggle. I do not think you will be happy with my answer but I am telling you the truth and I hope that this truth will help you to find peace.

First, let me assure you that it is NEVER too late for your loved one. Never. Have you prayed that their heart might soften to understanding their truth? That is a solid way to affect this situation. Your loved one is only one decision away from recreating their entire life, just as you are. They have that opportunity but they alone will decide whether to take it.

Unfortunately, once you have given it over, you need to let it go. I know this aches so many of you but let's talk about it. If you have been a reader of our blog here for long, you understand that we do indeed believe in reincarnation. You will ALL be given as many times as you need. All of you. No exceptions.

When you are with us here, between lives, you have the opportunity to plan your newest, latest lifetime. You will have a planning meeting with Angels, Guides and many loved ones from your soul group. At that time, you will decide your life lessons. I want to say here that Lacey teaches about this in-depth in her second Living a Life Of Intention series but I am trying to give you a short synopsis of a very complex event.

When your Soul decides your life lessons, know that they are not easy. If they were, they wouldn't be called life lessons. Your Soul chooses what you need to work on most. This can be devastating to humans here on this planet. This is when you will see addictions, handicaps, poor choices as well as all the wondrous choices that make up a life well-lived. Your Soul chooses what is for your HIGHEST GOOD. Let me repeat that for it bears it. Your Soul chooses what is for your highest good. This may not please your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your children, your coworkers or anyone else in this world here but it does teach you what you need to be taught IF you are open to learning that lesson. When it comes to soul lessons, please know that what you see on the outside may not be what is happening on the inside. That person may actually be learning that lesson but you are not privy to their soul and you do not understand it.

It serves no purpose in the world for you to worry or fret or even judge what a family member is going through for you are not privy to their soul lessons or their soul plan. I am not human. I cannot imagine how it aches you but I feel your aches here. I know you deeply love these people but you truly feel you know what is best. You don't. You cannot possibly know what is best and therein lies the rub for that may be your lesson as well! The phrase "let go, let God" comes to mind here. It is so easy to say but not at all easy to do. Yet, I tell you that it is what you must learn to do in order for you to move forward and to allow the other person to move at their own pace, which you have to understand and know is just right for them. The greatest thing you can do for another is to allow them to be themselves, even when you do not understand them or totally agree with them. In the end, there is only love. Until all humans can learn and understand this, all will continue to come back to learn lessons. Dear Reader, thank you for the question. It was a big one. I hope you understand better now that I have answered and I hope that you know you are deeply loved. God loves each one of you, even while you're learning these hard lessons. Allow His love to be a balm upon your worried heart today as you are learning to release your loved ones as well.

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