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Let's Swap Crystal Stories!

What is your favorite crystal? Yeah, I know. How do you pick? All right. Tell me a fun story about one of yours. I'll start!

I purchased this piece of Pink Stilbite and White Scolacite from my dear friend, Summer, well before she officially began her Zen Den Crystal Blessings store. At the time, she told me, "You have to have this. It helps with Angelic communication." I responded that I actually didn't think I needed it because I truly connected just fine, on a daily basis. She insisted so I listened. (I have learned a thing or two listening to her!)

That night, I put it on my nightstand beside my bed because I thought I would give it a try. I connect with my Angels many times as I go to bed and almost every morning. The next morning, I connected with one of them and immediately heard, "HELLO, LACEY! IT'S A BEAUTIFUL MORNING!" Literally, yelling. My ears were ringing! I jumped about five feet out of my bed! Seriously! I said, "Good night! Why are you yelling at me?" They said, "I'M NOT YELLING."

Suffice it to say, that crystal does not live on that corner of my nightstand anymore but it does still live in my bedroom! I greatly love it! Don't you love the Angel's wings coming out of that White Scolacite? I feel the energy coming off this crystal in waves!

Now, share one of your stories with me on this FB post. I would love to hear your experiences as well. It is only through sharing that we can all grow together! I can't wait to learn something from you today!

Until next time!

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