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Peeling Away the Layers

I'm having a real hard time with people thinking that spirituality is all rainbows and happiness because, folks, it's not. We are all human beings. This false fallacy of having to stay cheerful all the time has truly put undue pressure on some good people! Who came up with this rule? Does our happiness quotient directly affect our spiritual evolvement? No. It does not. There, I have said it.

I'm not encouraging anyone to wallow in self-pity but I am asking us all to be honest with each other and, more importantly, with ourselves. The struggle is real! We are all going to spend some days disappointed, upset, grieving, unappreciated, feeling like we don't belong and all kinds of other emotions that many perceive as negative.

If I could teach you one thing today, it would be to embrace these parts of you, often called the shadow side. We ALL have a shadow side. We all have burdens.

How many of you have been squelching your emotions because you were taught that "good" people do that? Please, please, allow yourself to acknowledge ALL your emotions so that you can process them! If you don't, they will rear their ugly head in health issues. I can promise you that, unfortunately. Where do you think they got the word disease? Dis-ease. When you do not process your emotions, your body will help you to do it whether you like it or not. Deal with your emotions now so that you don't have to deal with them later.

Once you understand that you have not been allowing yourself to integrate your shadow side, you begin to own these emotions. When someone asks you how you are, it's okay to really tell them how you are - good or bad! I believe that, once you truly understand that this is your life and your job is to take care of yourself, there is no turning back. You grow in self-knowledge that allows you to become truly authentic. You take the responsibility of peeling away your very own layers, like an onion. It's hard work but so worth it! It takes great courage to own your own evolution.

It's so easy for all of us to have superficial relationships with ourselves and others but it's a crying shame when we continue to have a shallow relationship with ourselves. As a Medium, I meet all kinds of people but one of the things I constantly see is that most of us put a great deal of pressure on ourselves, especially those of us who are truly trying to live spiritually. We seem to think we need to be perfect. It's simply not true and truly so far from where Spirit wants us to be. Spirit is deeply aware we are on a journey here. We seem to want to skip some of the steps. Until we can come to terms with our own imperfections, our own shadow side, we cannot learn all of our lessons nor can we be balanced and healthy.

It's time to live authentically and the only way to do that is to strive for true authenticity with ourselves and others. I have found that I am connecting more and more with people when I get past all the fair-weather talk and just tell them what is on my heart. I will prewarn you, not everybody is ready for this. I quickly culled out those who were not going to stay in my tribe but it was well worth it.

I would urge you today to quit faking happiness when you are not happy. When a friend is trying to connect with you, be honest about your feelings. Allow them in. Allow them to love you like you have been loving them. Do not allow anyone's false perception of spirituality to keep you from feeling your emotions and processing them. It is a wondrous thing to be a human! You chose this journey! Honor it and yourself by authentically feeling your emotions! This is a great part of your journey and one that deserves your time and energy.

If you're looking for new ways to grow, I'm here for you! I have several classes in person and online to help you in your journey. I also mentor those who want a customized approach to moving forward.

Until next time.....

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