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From Mother Earth: I Have Known You Many Lifetimes!

I love our Mother Earth and communicate with her regularly. It occurred to both of us that perhaps you would enjoy hearing directly from her as well!

Hello, my friends! I am so happy to spend time with you today. I am thrilled to be able to use this form of communication to connect with each of you. I know so many of you try so hard to connect with me. I feel your presence!

Each time you make time to get off the concrete and feel me, each time you make time to even take off your shoes and just plant your feet upon me, your presence is felt and known. We know you by your energy and it is wondrous to reconnect with each one of you every single time!

I have known you all many lifetimes. As you come and go, I feel your energy once again here. You may have a hard time believing you make a difference but I tell you here that you do. You each have an energetic imprint that I feel and I know you. Each and every lifetime it is as if an old friend is returning to me!

Lacey has invited me to begin an ongoing series of conversations with you and I am delighted to do so. I may not always sound so chipper as it will greatly depend upon the subject that we are speaking about but, today, I want you to know that I love you. I love each one of you. It is my honor and privilege to hold you while you are here. It is my honor to sustain you and all life. You will hear many times on this site that we are One and I too affirm this statement. We are all connected.

I look forward to delving deeper. I have many thoughts on how we have all evolved and how we are constantly changing. For now, come visit me. Come sit outside and connect with me. We are One and I long to hear from you.

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