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From ArchAngel Michael: Make Friends with Body

Hello, friends! I am so glad to visit with you today. When I come to you, I come with a message that I feel many of you are needing. Such is the contact today.

How many of you take care of Body? You will note that Body is capitalized here because, indeed, your Body is an entity. You contracted with this specific body for this specific lifetime. Do you understand that? By this, I mean that you chose this body before you came back to earth. Yes, you really did. You chose your parents and your family and, in doing so, you also chose your body. You were aware then of the chances of the color of your eyes. You were aware then of what your general height and coloring would be. These are all characteristics of your body now and the one living Being you chose to be with this entire lifetime here in Earth School. Now, you may be very unhappy with your body. You may wish you had chosen "better" or perhaps one with fewer allergies or idiosyncracies yet I tell you and confirm to you today that you got the exact body you chose!

What does that mean to you? First, I hope that it gives you a sense, a very deep sense, of wonder! Out of all the bodies on this planet, you chose the very one you are in. If this completely upsets you and you are railing against your choice at this time, can we look at that for a minute? Dear One, you chose this body because it would help you with the life lessons you needed. Ahhhhh! I feel you are starting to understand now. Perhaps you needed to learn hard lessons about the strength and endurance of Body. Maybe none of your lessons revolve around body and you have no problems whatsoever but that is extremely rare. Most humans learn great lessons from their bodies, if they will only listen.

So it is with you. I would challenge you to think about what Body has brought you through. Do you feel you have honored it? Do you need to spend some time loving on your own body? If you do, there is NO shame in this. Understand that I am gently pointing this out to you so that you will give Body the time and attention it deserves.

Heaven is not interested in you having a body that would grace a magazine. Quite the contrary! You are loved exactly where you are at, regardless of the shape your body is in. Heaven IS interested in your love for self. Heaven is interested in your love for Body. Heaven is interested in the lessons you learn in this lifetime through your symbiotic relationship with Body.

I hope I have given you some food for thought here. Body is such an important part of who you are while you are on this earth. Give it some time, make friends with it, for you two are joined in this journey together, in this very place that God created just for you both! And so it is!

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