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Change Your Language, Change Your Life

I want to visit with you today about two habits I have formed that have changed my life. You see, I had no idea how much language was affecting my daily life until I started studying my own habits. I did not understand my own power. When I spoke of my troubles or worries, I was giving them power! Nobody had ever taught this concept to me. Manifestation is all about empowering ourselves to live life more abundantly and our words have incredible power to help us to do that. I want my words to enable me to move forward, not stay stuck or even backwards.

Have you ever been around someone who only speaks about their health? Gets old, doesn't it? What that person is not understanding is that they are throwing away all their power. We all have health woes but talking about them regularly doesn't help anyone unless we are speaking directly to a health care provider. Not speaking about them does not make them go away BUT it redirects our focus. By redirecting our focus, we open our lives up to much more abundance in every way. I would much rather have an openly abundant life than to be harping about what I don't have.

Ever notice that your finances feel so much worse when you constantly talk about how broke you are? Before my husband retired, he was always lamenting whether we would have enough money in the bank. I finally asked him to please quit talking about it. It was robbing my peace of mind. We have enough. We will always be provided for. When I pointed out to him that he was projecting financial need into our future, he quit. Since then, sure enough, we are always provided for. We are, by no means, wealthy but we have enough.

The second habit I have formed has also been hard to identify and cease. Have you ever noticed how much you interrupt someone? Maybe you don't do it but I used to. I was trying to learn to live in the present moment when I was introduced to the concept that, each time we interrupt someone else, we are dishonoring their soul. What??? I had to really think about that. Each time I interrupt someone, I am dishonoring them. When we interrupt someone, we are letting everyone know that we feel what we want to say is more important. On top of that, instead of listening to their points, we are already busy formulating our responses. We have stopped listening. We are missing a precious opportunity to connect with someone else on a deep level. I have since really started to pay attention to how I listen and I work very hard not to interrupt anyone. There are times when it cannot be avoided but, to be honest, those times are few and far between. I find myself having much deeper and thought-provoking conversations now.

Imagine how different our world could be if we would pay attention to our own personal power and use our language accordingly! I urge you to honor yourself with your speech and to honor others too as we all work to make our world a better place.

Until next time...

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