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Crystals, Crystals and Crystals, oh, my!

Oh, how I love my crystals! Since I don't wear pockets much, I have to wear my crystals as jewelry most of the time. Here is most of my crystal jewelry (although not all). I am constantly amazed and blown away at the power emanating from these stones!

God told me once that we have everything we already need right here on this earth. Everything! Sit with that for a minute. We have everything we will ever need right here on this earth this very minute! Makes you really feel a great responsibility in her care, doesn't it?

I do not buy or select a crystal unless it resonates with me. I wear most of the stretchy bracelets you see here for very specific purposes. The necklaces and earrings are usually worn as I feel drawn to them. When I feel myself becoming too self-critical, it's my Rose Quartz bracelet for me! She is a dear friend and has been very instrumental in helping me to love and accept myself exactly where I am. When I am feeling anxiety or when I cannot sleep, Sodalite is my rescuer! I feel a very masculine energy from my bracelet. It has been very helpful to me in hard times or just stressful times as well. I love my Amazonite for communication and will frequently wear it when I am speaking to large groups. My Tiger's Eye and my Amethyst both help me with wisdom and discernment. My Black Tourmaline truly helps to repel negative energy (haven't we all needed that before, from work to family). I loaned my Tourmaline to a dear friend one time who was going through a very hard time with someone who was being difficult. When she returned it, two of the stones had gone from dark black to a light brown. She was mortified. I told her I was fine because I knew they had worked so hard for her and was thrilled to visibly see it! I've got another friend who had a son battling addiction. He carried a crystal in his pocket. It eventually broke in two! Does that affect its power? No, not in the least, but what an amazing thing that a stone will give you the gift of pulling from it until it breaks it. That is amazing and a very great honor.

I've learned to only wear my Clear Quartz bracelet during the day, to help amplify whatever other bracelet's properties that I am currently wearing. At night, Clear Quartz is much too strong for me. I feel like my mind will not stop and everything is racing. I don't notice that effect during the day when I'm busy.

I would urge you all to work with a crystal. Sit with one and see how it makes you feel when you are with it. Are they magic? No. Are they filled with a deep and abiding energy to help you to accomplish your goals? Yes! They can be that little extra push you need!

Now, I feel like I want to share my other crystals with you, the big ones................... I guess that's for another day! (Unless you want to read about my amazing adventure with Baraboo Quartz and Red Hematite! Buckle in!)

Until next time........

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