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My Daily Routine

I've been asked what I do spiritually each day. I begin, always, with a conversation with God. This is not a prayer, it's a conversation. I speak to God all day long, intermittently. He is my dearest Friend. I cannot imagine beginning my day without His counsel or without thanksgiving at the gift of a new day!

I then ground with Mother Earth. First, I ask Mother Earth to send her green energy to keep me grounded throughout my day. While standing, I envision green energy coming up around my feet and my lower legs. I then thank her for doing this for me. After that, I immediately ask Father/Mother/God for their Divine White Light to shield and protect me throughout my day. This is really important to me as an Empath because I pick up other people's energy. It is also critical if I am going to do any readings that day as well. I stand with my hands open and feel God's White Light coming into my crown and filling my entire body with Love. This is a joyous beginning to my day! This morning ritual takes me less than three minutes but it's a wondrous thing and creates a communion to begin my day!

If I am going somewhere with a lot of energy (hospital, funeral, mall, etc.), I zip myself up in White Light. By that, I mean that I also take the extra measure to quite literally zip myself up. I begin below my feet and zip up my aura in God's Light. (See your aura as you would see an Easter egg, zipping yourself from bottom to top.) This has helped me tremendously as I then do NOT take on ANY extra energy as I move about in the world. I also do not bring home any unwanted guests when I zip up either. By that, I mean that I don't pick up any ghosts who follow me home for help. This used to happen to me all the time. If I zip up, it doesn't. (Shout out to my former mentor, Dani Tworek at Chakratopia, for having taught me this technique.)

If I am going through a lot that day and need to release energy as I move about, I literally "see" the excess or negative energy leaving my body through my feet as I'm walking. I "pound" it out. This is a big help when you are under stress, believe me!

At night, I clear energy. This is critical for me as an Empath as well but I would urge all people to do this as there is a huge benefit to your health and well-being. I say the following, "Releasing all lower and negative energy as well as any excess energy that no longer serves me." I say this while visualizing perfect release and relaxation beginning at my crown and going out through my feet. I give all this energy back to Mother Earth for her cleansing and recycling. The blog post link in this paragraph will give you many ways to clear energy.

Last, I check in nightly with Spirit. This could mean God, my Guardian Angel, my Soul, an ArchAngel or Ascended Master or anyone on my spiritual support team. Before I go to sleep, I always do a check-in.

I hope this is helpful to some of you. I have included links above to other blog posts I have written about these procedures.

Until next time.....

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