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How to Receive an Animal or Insect Guide

Have you ever wanted an animal or insect Guide? Do you already have some? Maybe you don't know whether you do or not!

Have you ever been attracted to a specific animal or insect? I have. I adore dragonflies. I don't just like them. I am fascinated by them! I have studied them. I respect and admire them. I finally asked my Angel if Dragonfly was on my Spiritual Support Team. They were not. I was really disappointed. That's when I learned something awesome! My Angel told me that I could ask for Dragonfly to be on my Team! Well, that changed everything for me! I was so excited and thrilled! I had no idea I could do that. I have often asked for an Angel or Guide to help me with something specific; for example, I asked for a Holistic Health Guide and received one. I had not known I could ask for a specific animal or insect! In doing so, I was asking to learn more about their particular attributes and how they could help me move forward in my life journey.

I couldn't believe it was that easy! I immediately went into session and asked Dragonfly to come on board with me and they did! Now, when I see a dragonfly it does not mean that they are bringing me a message. I ask the dragonfly. Most times, it is just a random sighting but sometimes..... Well, it's awesome! I have also worked hard at taking on more of Dragonfly's attributes. The dragonfly is a warrior of the insect world with a tremendous jaw for its carnivore appetite. It is also known as nature's helicopter for it can fly straight up, down and all around. Most insects cannot fly straight up. They take off at an angle. Dragonfly can fly with speeds up to 35 mph! Dragonfly is teaching me many lessons - from how to benefit from great change (remember that they start out life underwater) to noticing the little things all around me.

Would you like for your favorite animal or insect to be your Guide? Let's talk about how you can do that.

  1. First, ground and protect before going into the session, ALWAYS!

  2. Set your intention. Pray or ask your Team (they will hear you whether you hear them or not) for help in securing this specific Guide.

  3. Raise your vibration. You can meditate or even use a guided meditation. Whatever you do, immediately go into your own meditation after that.

  4. Relax and ask for help to meet your Guide. Go to your safe and peaceful place in your head and ask for a sign or even ask to see your new Guide.

If you do not get a sign or see them, know that you have now set the intention. The Universe has heard. Expect it to respond. Feel free to try to connect again. It can take several times. Consistency is key here. Know and trust that you have asked and that they have come onboard. It's just a matter of you knowing!

If you need specific help with this or any other matter, I have a personal mentoring program that may be just right for you.

Until next time.....

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