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From ArchAngel Michael: Surrender

Surrender! It's not a pretty word for most people but it is a glorious word to us on the Other Side! When was the last time you surrendered to God/Creator/Most High? When was the last time you literally decided to quit worrying about something and give it to the One Who Created the Universe instead?

This is a very hard thing for humans to do. You live in a culture that encourages independence. You want to be able to fix and control things yet I tell you that this is an impossible task. To ask for help is not a shortcoming or a failure of your personality. To ask for help and then to give it to God, that takes great courage on your part. Many times you believe you KNOW the best outcome for a situation yet I tell you that you never have the facilities to see all of the problem itself. You cannot know 100% of what is going on. You may try but, if another person is involved, I can guarantee that it is impossible. Only God knows each heart and the mind of man.

I would urge you, next time you cannot fall asleep for worrying about a problem. Stop. Literally stop. Tell Creator about it and give it all to Him. I mean really give it to Him. You will be stunned how much better it will all turn out for He knows 100% of the situation and, by giving it to Him, you are giving Heaven the opportunity to right it. Do you really think you know more than the Creator of the Universe? No. I didn't think so.

Remember that Father/Mother/God knows your every desire. Remember that She only wants that which is for your highest good. It's a wondrous thing when you really trust God to have your back! And so it is.

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