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Quit Waiting for Permission

A friend and I had a heart-to-heart a while back. She had returned from a spiritual retreat. While there, she had asked for permission to teach the way she wanted. The funny thing is, she was given permission by one person and was denied by the other. I asked her, why did you even ask? She is one of the most dynamic people I know! She KNOWS her modality yet she was waiting to hear that it was okay for her to teach it in a spiritual manner. The person who denied her wanted to point out that she would fail and, on top of that, she would be poor. Yep. Thanks for that support!

This conversation got me to thinking. Why are ANY of us waiting for permission? What do we need it for? Why do we need someone to validate our decisions???? When did we quit believing that our values, that our decisions, that our actions, needed someone else's approval?

I realize we all have to live within certain constraints. Many of us have jobs and occupations. Many of us have bosses that we have to please. We have spouses we have to live with. I am not talking about those kinds of decisions. I am talking about decisions pertaining to the way you want to live your life, the way you want to decorate, the way you want to dye or not dye your hair. You get my point.

I dyed my hair cranberry a while back. This was huge for me. I had never dyed my hair in my life, ever. To go from my natural almost white to cranberry was a huge change for me. You know what? It's one of the absolute smartest things I have ever done. Seriously. I quickly learned who my real tribe is! I quickly learned who loves me unconditionally and is there for me, no matter what. It amazed me some of the people who needed to tell me it was a bad decision! Really? It's only hair, people. Some of these same people have had horrific dye jobs and I never said a word to them about it.

It amazes me the people who came up to me on a daily basis to compliment me on my pink hair! Strangers made a point of stopping what they were doing and approaching me! What a gift! I had every age group come to speak to me about it. I had women my own age say, "I'd never have the courage to do that!" Really, why not?

Since then, I've gone back to my beloved white hair BUT I constantly recreate myself and it's a blast! I recently shaved my head, almost. I got it all the way down to a #2 guard, that's less than my own son cuts his hair. I left the top about an inch long. You know what? I loved it! It's so me! If you really want to do something and it will not hurt another person, DO IT! This is your chance! Be who you need to be. This is not a dress rehearsal! Please, if I could ask you to do one thing for yourself, quit waiting on permission! Do what brings you joy! Father created this universe for you. Don't waste your time here trying to please others. Now, take that Superman stance. Yes, the one where you are looking to the sky with your hands on your hips and your chest poking out! You've got this! DO IT!

Until next time......

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