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Cardinal: Honored to Participate With Spirit

Cardinals always make me smile! In my line of business, it is common knowledge that there are times that cardinals get our attention for a deceased loved one's message! Many people consider seeing a cardinal as a direct sign from a loved one.

Cardinal addresses this in the message below but, before we get started, I thought you might enjoy learning a few things about this spectacular little bird! Did you know that both the male and female can sing? This is unusual in songbirds since it is usually only the males who sing. They mate for life and males feed females as part of their courtship ritual. I was surprised to learn that their coloring is enhanced by their diet, just like flamingoes! Last, most cardinals have a lifespan of around three years.

When I spoke with Cardinal, I connected with the species representative and a living cardinal here on earth.

Species Representative:

We are delighted to be called to speak with you today. (At this point, Cardinal perched on my shoulder, beside my left ear.) We know that many of you associate us with messages from your loved ones in heaven, and this delights us! We are very happy to be your messengers from heaven!

I would like to address how this is done. I believe your readers might be interested. When one of your loved ones wants to be noticed by you, they approach one of us and ask if we would help them to get your attention. We are always honored to participate in love, with Spirit. We make ourselves available! You notice us because of our bright red color. Your loved ones are not "inhabiting" us but I can tell you that they are right beside us! They are with us and they want you to know they are well and good. There is no pain or suffering where they live.

Spirit is frequently around you, without our presence, but if you see us continually, be assured that someone is probably trying to get your attention UNLESS you have a full feeder! Then it's probably just us! I am chuckling to myself on that one!

I would like to commend all the people of earth who honor us repeatedly by putting out feeders and food when our world is sleeping. Winter months can be quite hard on all of us, including our other bird friends. Those who are kind enough to put out food for us are greatly honored and appreciated by all bird species. Thank you!


I then spoke with a living cardinal from the Pacific Northwest.

How fortunate Cardinal feels today being called to communicate with man. This is a real honor for me, thank you! I would like to speak with you today about conservation efforts. It means so much to all of the bird and wildlife species as you fight for our rights when we cannot. The forests and lands that you have saved through your national parks and state park systems make a huge difference for all of us living in the wild.

I am an old bird, so to speak, many times reincarnated. Part of my purpose this time was to speak with you here. We appreciate how hard you work to get our messages out to mankind. We love watching man, in leisure and at work. It is our pleasure to raise our young alongside yours and to each inhabit our own spaces while sharing the bigger picture.

The more I speak with wild animals the more I am struck by their selflessness. All of them bring up other species. They are all concerned with our efforts for the whole.

The living cardinal really surprised me when he mentioned reincarnation and even knowing his purpose this time. I have had that happen with other animals (some wild and some domesticated) but it doesn't happen much so it really got my attention. What a pleasure it was to speak with these beautiful birds today.

This is an ongoing series on my blog. I speak with domesticated animals on a very regular basis. Each time I speak with a wild animal, I am humbled, truly humbled, by their dignity and grace. We are so blessed to share this planet with them. Please help me to help them to spread their messages. Please share this post!

If you would like to read more of my wild animal communications, please see the index here.

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