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From ArchAngel Michael: Time

Do you struggle with time management? I feel most people do. It is very hard to schedule for your needs, your family's needs, your time for spiritual growth, time for fitness.... I could go on and on but you get my point. Time is actually the greatest gift Father gives to you but it is also the most easily squandered.

You may feel you are being a good steward of your time if you schedule yourself completely and get everything done but I tell you that it is quite easy to miss the forest for the trees here. Sometimes you need downtime. Sometimes you need to rest, relax and reconnect.

I know MANY of you struggle with this so I would like to ask you to schedule your own time for yourself. I am being very serious here. You all need Soul Time. By that, I mean you need some quiet time for yourself. I don't know how each of you will schedule this individually for you are in charge of your own life and schedule but I can give you some suggestions.

  • Perhaps you need to begin eating lunch alone.

  • Perhaps you need to get up a little earlier or stay up a little later.

  • Maybe you need to back out of some commitments that no longer serve you or bring you joy.

  • Perhaps you can let go of always being the planner and allow someone else to step into that role.

  • Look at ways you can save your time and delegate.

This should give you a good start. Once you've done this, make time for you. Make time for your Creator. Even if it's only a few minutes, you will see how it can be life-changing if you will be consistent enough. My friend, ArchAngel Gabriel, likes to ask for you to try 5 minutes at a time. I would ask that you try this. Try being quiet, by yourself, for a good 5 minutes. If you have more, all the better. Make a date with yourself and your God and be consistent. Your Soul will thank you for it!

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