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Finding Your Tribe

If I hear one thing from those who are like-minded, it is that they struggle to find their own tribe! I get it. It has taken me a while too!

I wanted to share what has helped me. I literally came out of the closet about my belief system. For years, I felt like I didn't dare do that or I would be doomed to be ostracized. This has not been further from the truth.

As I made the commitment to live authentically; lo and behold, I found others who were doing the same! I don't walk around with a shirt on that proclaims I am a Medium but I don't shy away from the conversations about what I do or what I believe either. I have found that, if I begin a conversation asking somebody about Angels, everybody at the table has an Angel story. If it's not their own, it's a friend's. Every major religion in the world believes in Angels and it's a great icebreaker.

I would urge you, instead of yearning to find people, to create your own space and they will come! Start a FB group in your area. Look into MeetUp, it is amazing how many groups started there! Find your local metaphysical store and see what's on their bulletin board. Ask if they know of any groups in the area. They usually do! Be open to meeting new people and start looking for those who seem freer than the rest of the group. If I'm at a party and I see someone with plentiful tattoos or colored hair, I automatically know they're my people! They aren't worried about pleasing the crowd, usually, and they think outside the box. If I'm in a group of seemingly stuffy people, I search for the one who is laughing. Create your destiny. Don't wait for people to show up on your doorstep. Go join an art group, a storytelling group, a newcomers group, any group that gets you out of the box. I can almost guarantee you will find a new friend and, eventually, a new tribe! There are people just like you looking for you! I promise!

Until next time.....

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