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From ArchAngel Michael: Call On Us

I was recently asked the most charming question from one of our readers. "Can you ask any ArchAngel for anything or do you have to be specific to that Angel's specific job? There are many Angels, and I don't know what all of their areas of expertise are. If I need healing I know to ask Raphael; for courage, I ask Michael; for wisdom, I ask Uriel, etc., but that's a lot to remember and a lot left uncovered."

Oh what joy that question has brought to all of us here! We love when a sincere believer articulates what so many of you struggle with! My dear, I am here to assure you that we hear you regardless! You do not even have to use a name. There is no wrong Angel to call upon for we are all together in this. When you call upon me but you request something for which I am not normally known to do, have no fear for not only will I be listening but also my counterpart steps right in as well! Please do not get bogged down in learning every ArchAngel and every specialty for it is not ever necessary.

Just as you pray to Father, you probably do not mention us, yet you may ask for bravery, you may ask for self-confidence, you may ask for love. For every major want and need, there is an assigned ArchAngel. Father makes sure to patch your requests right through, when needed, so that we can be His hands and feet and work right alongside you. I say this but want you to understand that He, Himself, also stands beside you. We never come before our God. We are happy; however, to help Him to minister to your wants and needs.

There are many of us, more than you can imagine and more than humans know. We are here to help. Just as when you might call upon ArchAngel Raphael for help in healing, know that he has many Angels who are on his team to support you. The same goes when you call upon me. There are many Angels who feel a true calling to protect you and to make way for you, when needed. We are all more than what we have been designated by humans. We all do far more than our specialty.

I will use Lacey as an example, with her permission. She once went through a house sale that had a few snags. These were snags that were keeping her up at night. I stepped forward and paved the way through all of this transaction for her. Did she know that I could do that? No. She thought I was there for her protection but I tell you that I was protecting both she and her husband throughout that entire sale process. She now knows that she can call upon me to walk before her through any difficulty, smoothing the way for her to move forward in grace.

The main thing that I would say to you, dear reader, is to call upon us. Use us! We are here for you. When you need help, ask! We do not want to circumvent your free will and we will wait to be asked. The other thing I want to stress is that there is never a need to pray to us. Father alone is God/Creator/Source. He/She is worthy of worship. We are not. We are Angels. We are different Beings than humans. That is really it in a nutshell. If you need our help, we are here for you. We have more power than you do in the heavenly realms for you are a spiritual being living an earthly life in human form. We are not held captive by a physical body; hence, we are able to do much more. Call on us and we will help you in any way that we can as long as it does not interfere in a true life lesson. And that, my friends, is another blog.

Remember that we are here for you. Names are unimportant. Call for an Angel's help and you will receive it. Believe it and expect it! And so it is.

For more of ArchAngel Michael's teaching, please click here.

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