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From ArchAngel Michael: Dreams Are Worth Pondering

I was recently asked about the significance of dreams and if they are a release for your minds as you sleep or do they have meaning as well. What an interesting question!

I am frequently called upon in dreams for many have scary ones and search for meaning within them. You were hardwired with a wondrous imagination and this is your imagination and subconscious mind's true time to relax and take over.

Yes, your dreams are important in many ways. True discernment will come when you learn which ones are literally just imaginary escapism and which are messages from the Divine. I will try to help you with that here. I do want to preface this with a note that Lacey actually teaches a class on Dreams and is curious herself how I can wrap this up in one blog post! There are so many books on dreams and we could spend many blogs on them as well but I am going to answer your question and we will leave it at that today.

Most dreams are a release for your mind, as you have asked above. How can you tell when a dream is significant? I would say you can really tell when you can remember it. This is not the case with nightmares, unfortunately, as many of you do remember them too. Nightmares very rarely mean much and are usually your subconscious mind and imagination getting the better of you. As for pleasant dreams, when you can remember them, they many times will have a message. I would urge you to journal every single thing you can remember about these kind of dreams and look for hidden messages and meaning. Perhaps it's in a number or even a place. Look for repetition for it many times is significant.

There are those who are frequently contacted by Spirit in their dreams. Many times this is because the recipient has fear surrounding spiritual contact or even because the recipient cannot relax enough to receive contact during the day. How will you know this is real? When you remember every single thing about it. Spirit will not allow you to forget an important encounter, believe me. When you can remember very specific details, it was not a dream. It was a visitation, whether by Angels, Guides or deceased loved ones. If you remember details, believe that you had an encounter because you did. Regular dreams are fuzzy. Visitations are not.

If you would like to begin to study your dreams, I would urge you to journal them. You will be surprised as you open this door for your spiritual support team will notice and they will begin to try to connect with you in this way! Consistency is key here. If you truly desire to learn more, be consistent. It is only then that patterns will emerge and true wisdom will begin to show itself. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Make that commitment for your own growth and watch it explode!

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