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Break Your Blocks! EFT Tapping Works!

I have been a fan of tapping for over a decade. One of the reasons I love it so much is that it is a modality that you can do by yourself. You don't need a professional. You can work through blocks and phobias. You can work through fears. There is nothing that I have not found that does not respond to tapping!

You don't even have to make up an exercise by yourself! There are many professionals who post free videos on YouTube but I have not found any better than Brad Yates. Brad regularly posts videos. You can follow him on FB or YouTube. He has helped me to manifest, to break through blocks about worthiness and abundance. He has helped me to leave behind fears and phobias that no longer serve me. In short, Brad has literally helped me to become a more balanced person.

If you have never tapped before, I would urge you to watch this video explaining why it will work. During EFT tapping, you will use the meridian points of acupuncture. In acupuncture, needles are used. In tapping, you will use your fingers.

One of my favorite videos is about Surrender, Letting Go and Letting God. I have spent a great deal of my life giving God/Creator/Source 75% of my problem but not the other 25%. Why, you ask? Because, embarrassingly, I felt I knew what was best for me and wanted to hang on to that other 25%! How much larger my life has become since I learned to give it ALL to God.

Here is a beautiful video to help you to Love Yourself. The further you go in this video, the deeper it gets. It is wonderful! Loving yourself seems so simple yet most people struggle with totally accepting themselves. Why not get a little extra help with this?

The reason I love Brad so much is that he is not so dry in his videos. He has a sense of humor and that appeals to me.

I would urge you to use this modality to help you to achieve more in your life. Leave that stress behind. Break through that block or phobia! This is your time, your life, and don't think it is a coincidence you are reading this today. Try tapping! You will LOVE it!

Until next time.....

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