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From ArchAngel Michael: Unworthiness Has NO Place in Your Vocabulary

One of our readers asked this question, "I feel unworthy to call upon an ArchAngel." I cannot tell you how happy I am that one woman had the courage to ask about this.

We weep in heaven when we see the tide of unworthiness that is going on upon your earth. We weep when we hear mainstream religion twist our God's words until they are wrought in shame and make people feel unworthy. My loves, you have never ever been unworthy in the eyes of God. I believe that bears repeating. You have never been unworthy.

As a part of all creation, you have always been worthy. You have never been unconnected from our Creator unless you, yourself, chose to put a distance between you. He is always there. You are always His. This is truth.

Now, let's deal with the question of your worthiness to call upon an ArchAngel. I want to refer you to another post, What Is an ArchAngel?, about the hierarchy among Angels but I would also like to speak about this as well. I am no different than any other Angel. Neither are my counterparts. I am an Angel. I am a sentient Being who lives alongside you. The thing you are getting hung up on is my title and, frankly, humans gave it to me. I never asked to be called an ArchAngel.

The difference between me and other Angels is that I am assigned to help all humanity whereas some Angels help individuals only. That's it. Do you still feel unworthy? I am no older than many other Angels. I have no more wisdom than many other Angels. I am just known to specialize in one area. (I will be touching on that in a future post as well due to a wonderful question from another reader.)

When you really believe this, you will see that there is no unworthiness here. We were all created by the One. We are all a part of this Universe together. I am happy and thrilled to help you in any way possible. I just have one favor to ask of you. Throw the word "unworthy" out of your vocabulary! I come here to speak to you. I long to hear your voice. Don't miss out on a chance to have a relationship with me because you feel unworthy. Remember, you no longer use that word!

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