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From ArchAngel Michael: About Sin

I was recently asked to define sin and whether it separates us from God. I love that someone had the courage to ask this! Will you be surprised when I tell you that I cannot define sin because such a word does not exist here in the heavenly realms? That is correct. There is no such word here and there is a reason for this.

Father never created you with sin in mind. Ever. Please take my word for this. You were created to live a life here on this earth and to learn lessons. That is correct, lessons. There is no sin. There are only lessons. Many spiritual teachers have learned this and tried to teach it to many of you yet you are fearful to believe this. Why do you feel there is a piece of you that is so unworthy as to approach your Creator? Why do you feel there is ANYthing that could separate you from the love of the One, who even knows the number of hairs on your head? Too many people have been manipulated into believing that they are unworthy and that they are sinners. I tell you, and I fully expect some major kickback from this, that there is no sin, that you were and are always worthy and that nothing can separate you from the love of God WHICH IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. Claim it for it has always been yours.

You have never needed anyone to die for you. You have never needed anyone to intercede for you. You have never needed one thing that was not already provided for you by the true God, the Alpha and the Omega. I am not trying to upset anyone reading this. In heaven, we recognize every religion. Yes, every religion. Whether you were saved by Jesus Christ or Mohammed, you are recognized here, for we know that all religions lead to the one Father/Mother. We know that you do the best that you can while you are on this earth. You do the best with who you are and what you have been taught. We will all ascend and live together when we can put divisive religious beliefs behind us and realize that all, that everything, leads to Father. There is nothing that can come between you and Her. There is nothing on this planet that was not created by Source. I tell you that neither religion, other beliefs, sexuality, gender, race or creed can separate you from the One who is and always will be. There is no sin. There is no separation. When you all understand this, really understand it on a cellular level, you will finally go home for good. All of heaven awaits your arrival and will rejoice as you learn this truth.

Blessed be to the reader who reads this and is hurt or offended by my words because I only know the truth and this is my platform by which to tell it. I love you. God loves you. You need nothing else for He will meet you more than halfway if you will open your heart and your hands to receive Him. And so it is.

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